The Gracie UFC Conspiracy

Learn how Gracie Jiu-Jitsu shocked the mixed martial arts world by organizing the Ultimate Fighting Championship to promote the effectiveness of BJJ vs. MMA. Ex-commentator Bill “Superfoot” Wallace reveals what happened behind the scenes of the first UFC in history. Visit for more awesomeness!

“Have you not heard of the Gracie Conspiracy???” Um… no.

Are you a UFC 1 conspiracy theorist? Are the Gracies part of a martial arts illuminati? Were all of Royce Gracie’s fights an elaborate façade to fool us all into training in BJJ forever and ever amen? Was it all fake after all? Get your tin foil hats on kids!

Ramsey Dewey is a MMA coach and ringside commentator for Kunlun Fight Combat League, based in Shanghai, China. Ramsey Dewey is a retired professional MMA fighter and kickboxer. If you have any questions for future Q&A videos, please leave your questions in the comments section below.