compromise bill, worked out over several weeks of negotiations between two Republicans: Mark Meadows, a North Carolinian and the head of the right-wing Freedom Caucus; and Tom MacArthur, a New Jerseyan who is co-chair of the Tuesday Group

.. The compromise negotiations laid bare the simple dynamics of health care among Republicans: every action to add votes on the right loses votes in the center.

.. Dent also opposes how the compromise bill would allow states to deregulate insurance markets to allow insurers to deny coverage to people with preëxisting medical conditions. The preëxisting-conditions provision was a core part of Obamacare, and it was one of the few provisions of the law that Trump and Republican leaders promised to retain.

.. And, if the bill were to change in the Senate, there’s a possibility that the Freedom Caucus will abandon the effort all over again.

.. in the Senate, where, among both Republicans and Democrats, the Freedom Caucus is held in low regard.

.. If Obamacare repeal officially dies, Dent said that Trump has one other option: “Start over, deal with health care from the center out, and work with some Democrats.”