Trump Lost Over $1 Billion in 10 Years: A Closer Look

-He used a fake name to call a reporter
and brag about how much his father loves him.
Man, I would say the dude needs to therapy,
but I don’t think he can afford it.
.. Maybe he can just use a fake name and be his own therapist.
“And how does that make you feel, Donald?”
“I feel smart, Dr. Barron.” [ Laughter ]
“You are smart, Donald. That’ll be $200.”
“Uh…” [ Laughter ]
“Can I owe you?”
.. Trump was never a successful businessman.
He just played one on TV.
Expecting Donald Trump to exhibit business acumen
is like expecting George Clooney to do an arterial bypass.
We already knew he was a con artist.
It’s also a story about the thing
Trump cynically claimed to fix,
the thing he actually benefited from his entire life,
the rigged system.
Most regular people are one layoff
or medical emergency away from a financial crisis,
but this guy lost a billion dollars over 10 years
and he ended up fine —
except for the fact that he went from looking
like the wolf of Wall Street
to a guy getting chased by a pack of wolves.