What is Donal Trump like in real life?

I have been around a lot of rich people in my life, they all have one thing in common with Trump, everything 24/7 is about them.

Me me me me me me me me, did I say me? And never anyone else, GOT IT!

Some of the answers chose to make light of Trump with cartoons, others analyzed him. I simply look at him in the cold light of day as someone who the GOP made a faustian bargain with and rode him for everything they could and once they were done with him can’t believe he won’t go away. But you see, they are playing a game, Trump only has one mode, all about him for his entire life and he won’t change.

The GOP elitists are not sad he is gone, they got their tax cut, they could care less about his bombast and anger, after all most of them do the same thing anytime they are not feted like demigods.

They know the drill, they did to him what he did to them. They kissed his bum and let him rant on because he was useful. He pretended to work like they pretend to work. The goal is simply to always make money and screw as many as possible and get as much attention as possible.

For that he is in a league of his own. There has never been a #2 in his organization, Mike Pence was nothing more than a water boy and he knew it. Even Mike put up with Trump as Trump delivered on the “Christian theocracy’ though every evangelical knew Trump was an apostate.

In the end, what was Trump in real life? Exactly what he was in front of the public. There was no difference from his on camera and off camera personas. That was his greatest strength, he never had to switch and be something he wasn’t. He never had to think am I on camera or not. That is why he never prepared as he never was off camera. That is why he said he ‘worked all the time’ because he never stopped thinking about himself and how he could win or crush someone which for him was winning.

Never forget the depths of the evil of Trump. The GOP unleashed upon the US someone far more sinister than any of us realize to this very day. He was every bit as bad as Hitler, the only thing that stopped him was the US military refused to carry out his smash the protesters and take over the government, the Republican state legislatures said no way we are not overthrowing our own elections, people like Bill Barr were disgusted just enough to walk out after saying no there was no stolen election and most of all

Leaked Video Shows Trump Joyfully Recalling North Korean Guards Roughing Up Reporters

At the recent GOP donor retreat, Donald Trump gave yet another bizarre speech where he gleefully recalled a moment where North Korean guards for Kim Jong Un “roughed up” members of the press. This is the kind of story that Trump loves, and his supporters can’t seem to get enough of them, either. But it also shows how sadistic this man truly is, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.  

Link – https://www.alternet.org/2021/05/trum…

John W. Dean, “Authoritarian Nightmare”

John W. Dean served as White House counsel for President Richard Nixon from 1970 to 1973. During the Watergate scandal, his Senate testimony helped lead to Nixon’s resignation. Dean has written about Watergate in his New York Times bestsellers Blind Ambition and The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It. Among his other books are the national bestsellers Worse Than Watergate and Conservatives Without Conscience. A retired investment banker, Dean is now a columnist, commentator, and teacher in a continuing legal education program for attorneys, the Watergate CLE. He is a regular political and legal commentator on CNN News.

The Science of the Authoritarian personality

  1. submissive followers
  2. “double high” followers: domineering and opportunistically submissive