Marriage Is Out of Fashion. So Why Is Tiffany Selling More Engagement Rings?

New CEO is looking to reach a broader audience and revive the brand. His strategy: inclusive ads, edgier marketing and more robin’s-egg blue

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 48% of American households are married, down from 78% in 1950.

.. “They are reaching different people,” said Paul Lejuez, a Citi managing director. “That is a big difference from the Tiffany of old. It’s no longer the stereotypical beautiful couple.”

.. “Their latest campaign is shocking,” said Ina Mamaliga, a 27-year-old freelance copywriter in New York. “It’s really cool, but it’s not their style. Before, they didn’t need to show off so much.”

.. recruited Lady Gaga to star in a series of ads; and tested some same-sex marriage marketing before he was ousted last year.


One of the new CEO’s first tasks was making greater use of Tiffany’s signature blue. “The color has been one of the areas where the company has been a bit conservative to the point that we underused it,” Mr. Bogliolo said.