Woman puts Sheriff in check


Wow this woman is a hell of a woman, she put her life on the line, to speak the truth, you don’t see bravery like this everyday, the world need more peoples like her


Alcoholism red faced, attitude, temper and his body language all speaks volumes about this good Ole boy. He’s a crook.
As a weed aficionado; I can tell you that weed will never make you impulsively jump off a bridge.
Man, that dude has one cold look in his eyes. That’s scary when a “police officer” is looking at you like the only thing they would like to do in that moment is to take your life. He said he wasn’t angry but, anyone watching this can see he’s fuming.
The guilt run all over his face when she said you killed your wife! She smoked his ass!!
His body language speaks volumes
And that public meeting needs to be investaged too for corruption
Access to a public meeting being denied is very troubling. Being the only one denied access means you are over the target and talking the truth!
I remember you share this a couple weeks ago, I checked her stuff out after ..she’s brave for sure.. but needs to have someone with her when she’s out there. She’s pulling skeletons out of others peoples closets and they will do anything to keep them there… even if they have to add another inside.
Hope somebody is keeping an eye out in case that lady needs help if she is by herself you know they will retaliate
Watch his face expression very closely when he says tragedy. It shines of guilt
And by the way your dad’s very proud of you and I’m glad that you taking and following his footsteps you can carry on the torch 🔦
I learned in anger management classes that arms crossed in front of you is a sign of defense and holding something that you are trying not to let anyone know about.
Appreciate the extra info. I have a question. What was the otopsy report say about thought boys coming up dead.
The strength of her truth was amazing to experience wow
If you had to draw a clan member how far would you be off from describing this guy
One common thread with all these videos we need to get rid of the Old Guards
I’ve seen this one before and that woman needs to get security cameras on our house and somebody knows where she is 24/7 because these people are murderers. Look at the way the sheriff reacted when she said that he killed his wife. Instant rage. Stone killer