2 Cocky Police Officers Get Shut Down When Trying To Create False Charges

well done. as usual they are there in minutes for something like this but when kids are being abused they are nowhere.

That was a mature, well constructed argument!

They just can’t help themselves can they, cops repeatedly try and impose some kind of authority over the general public for no reason even when no crime is being committed.

This is why in the end the police have lost the respect they had.many not all don’t know the laws they are employed to enforce

It’s this leap to anti-terrorism powers that really annoys me.
There are limits to Police powers for a reason, and invoking terrorism legislation to get round it is a massive abuse of power
. Pointing a camera at a prison is not suspicion enough for anti-terror laws to be invoked.

Nice, professional, succinct and respectful response to a couple of amateur fishermen. Well done, and by the way I really enjoy videos where only one person speaks at a time, you and M. did that very well in this interaction whilst backing each other. Tyrant came to mind when he brought up terrorism but that fell off the hook before he got a chance to cast it. You both soon left those two with no bait as they tried everything they had in their tackle box but never even got a bite.

You’d think by now the police on the ground would have received and understood the memo regarding citizens filming.

What does amaze me is the police can turn up in droves for minor things but when theres a Sarah Everard case happening in London they vanish ? ? ?

The camera scares the sh*t out of the bad police officers,one or both of them would have violently arrested you but for the camera,he was itching to do something.Well done on staying
calm and resectfull must be realy hard sometimes.

A police officer is REQUIRED to provide his name, if asked, when he is on duty. The 2nd Police man was breaking the law

I love it. When I was younger the police beat me up for asking an officer why he’d stopped me. Their response to my prefectly reasonable question was to attack me and shout “you never ask a policeman why”! We had to put up with that treatment in the past. Now we have cameras, which has forced their hand to also have body cameras and when people know their rights they are forced to back off. Excellent.

You find out at the end they don’t even know an offence has veen committed yet came to you at rhe start like they were sure it had!! What the heck

Very well done the fact you gave them your first name was respectful and the one pig couldn’t even return the respect

Unfortunately this is the way that policing is going. These two police officers didn’t know where to draw the line and to mention terrorism is an absolute joke. Would you feel safe knowing these two are here to protect us? I know I wouldn’t. Are they Labour supporters by any chance because the Labour Party have no idea when on camera. just ask Abbott and Rayner.