Police Decides that Cleaning Woman has an “Attitude”

Thank you for featuring my video. The chief actually went to the building I was at and tried to get me in trouble the next day, luckily my bosses are the best ever and are backing me completely. I’ve gotten a bunch of hate from the people in my town saying I was in the wrong. Thanks!

He is the perfect example of why people don’t trust the police.


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  • I can see why the cop is so emotional being in his third trimester and all.


  • The only one being disrespectful here is the foul mouthed cop. He’s in the wrong line of work. He has serious psychological issues. He will cost the city a fortune some day when he flips out on someone without a camera.


  • He just can’t admit he’s wrong, like most cops.


  • Having an attitude about standing up for your rights is not against the law. It actually is standing up for every single one of us. The police, like this example, is what makes most of us no longer willing to back them up like before. The people of her town who think it’s okay to harass a working woman, Shame on them! We need to limit the power we have bestowed to this profession. We need to get rid of Qualified Immunity, it protects the wrong type of police more often than not.


  • This cop is truly scary. Be careful, I can’t imagine what he does when he knows he’s not on video. Egomaniac tyrant is right…


  • This officer lied about being able to get ID. Every time an officer lies about the law we should legally be allowed to disregard everything that comes after, and no arrest be legal. How can we be expected to trust an officer once they’ve lied?


  • He just can’t let it go. NO de-escalation here. MASSIVE ego problem with no LAW training or knoledge


  • “Dont be an ass”
    -while being an ass


  • The minute she made a small apology, it generated LARGER bullying and intimidation tactics from him.


  • “Anyone can wear a janitorial shirt.”
    Anyone can wear a police uniform these days it seems


  • This tyrant did all that talking about “doing his job”, but walked away. He just wanted to be a bully.


  • He didn’t even try to get her ID after she flat-out stated that she wasn’t handing it over. From then on, she was detained for his pleasure while he lectured her for going in public while in “possession of an attitude”, and nothing else.


  • I can see his descalation training was wasted on him.


  • If she gave him her full name, and her ID matched the name, how would that prove to him she was there to clean?


  • With less of an attitude the LEO actually means “I want you to lick my boots and answer every question with Yes Sir”


  • Ask this tyrant, “Is attitude a misdemeanor or a felony?”


  • I did a shot every time this guy said “that’s fantastic” and now I’m hammered.


  • This cop cried to his chief. Who then tried to get her fired


  • This situation is too common.
    If the cop would observe the “suspect” for a few minutes he would see work being done and a complete absence of criminal activity. At that point there would be no reason to approach her.


  • This guy is has been picked on until he graduated grade 8 and became a cop. Now imagine if that was a black male, that guy would have had back up in 1 minute.


  • She hurt his feelings. I think he’s going to call his mom and cry.


  • “What words do you wish me to say to appease your fragile ego so you can leave?”


  • I hope he gets disciplined, because a cop that says “I can act however I want” is a threat to society.


  • soooo all I heard here was the officer wanted to uphold his emotions, not the law… because he wasn’t citing law, he was citing attitude.


  • Could he drop a few more f bombs while telling someone else not to have an attitude?
    My question is what does giving her name/id matter? What does he have a magic list of names that works in the building along with a list of names/employees of outside contractors like the janitorial staff? And or a list of the hours employees for that building?


  • “Next time be courteous” says officer Butterbean F’ing away at a woman. The reason he sat there for that time, was because he was checking the plates. Officer we’re not as stupid as you look!


  • Cops have a huge ego and when you challenge them they have a hissy fit. I would have reminded him that I’m a tax payer and I pay his wages.


  • He really blows it when he says if she’s gonna have an attitude, she’s gonna have a problem … oooof.


  • Yes, I realise that her camera saved her from physical abuse. That cop look like a controller and abuser of his office.


  • Had she been a woman of color the whole conversation would’ve been all the way different. I’m so glad the young lady held her ground and was allowed to go do her job.


  • Love your channel brother.
    Keep em coming.
    I am Canadian. But i love cop watch from around the world.
    Every nation needs to hold their government employees to account.
    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!
    Keep being vigilant brother!


  • If she wants to have an attitude that’s not against the law. It’s amazing how police officers try to tell you how to feel and act. They hate pushback and they hate to be challenged. That is what he’s mad about.


  • Boy, this guy just has to have the last word


  • Cracks me up when cops say “but I don’t know who you are” does this mean he knows everyone that he comes into contact with? I’ll bet he doesn’t remember all the names and ages and addresses of all he’s run ID on, unless of course he demands ID just to remember. Stop using that reason to get ID, It’s lame.


  • He’s was asking for an ID even though it wasn’t a stop. He never put on the lights. How does she know if that was a cop.


  • ‘Lose the attitude’ must be one of their little power phrases they teach them in goon school. It’s definitely a cop thing. You know, when they’re trying to talk down to you or act like they’re somebody’s daddy. Ugh…
    Now why would ANYBODY have an attitude with the police?? Hmm…


  • Eight minute lecture on being nice while he’s asking for something he’s not entitled to.


  • Imagine if she didn’t know her rights.
    Do you believe the cop would have let her go about her business.


  • He absolutely cannot act as he wants in “his official capacity”…. this guy’s not just a tyrant cop but I xan assume he acts like this at home with his wife also..


  • Why does he feel like he can tell her how to talk he’s using his position of power to bully her


  • If this is the way they treat their own people just imagine how they treat women and children in a war zone.


  • She should get his bodycam he said some more shit on his way back to the car.


  • How many times did he say “I don’t know who you are.” It seems like that is the only thing he finds out of place.


  • I know, you know, and the officer knows, that shining that light in your face is rude.
    Let’s start there. Then, get the hell off of our property! “I Gotta Call” is NOT probable cause!


  • A funny side idea would be for her to run to the door, go in and lock him out. Just funny, not recommending it.


  • The old ‘I don’t know who you are’ game.
    Did you notice after she apologized fat boy escalated.


  • Another cop with hurt feelings. I had this happen to me , put my key in the door and left the cop standing outside I was done talking.


  • Now that I know who you work for!
    I can get one of those vests anywhere.
    What an ass, complete reversal of what he initially said and his idea of a dignified retreat.
    Bah, this cop has an attitude and knew he would get a complaint made against him hence the backdown.


  • Even if she is rude to him he has no right to be rude back to her when acting in his professional capacity. The fact he lets his emotions control his demeanour shows he is unfit to hold his position


  • Wow. This cop reeks of entitlement.


  • Love his courteous behavior saying F@#K,A@# etc. while giving advice on courtesy. Such a power struggle for no reason! Gees, she’s got to go clean it’s not an easy job..been there done that!
    Do your thing girl, a nice clean office is much appreciated!


  • Police need to be held accountable. I dealt with this as a young man all the time. They do the same tactics all the time. Now they are realizing these old school German tactics don’t work anymore. God I love it..


  • The police are breaking the (Constitutional) law if they take your ID and run it. This is considered “detainment” and without probable cause, the police are breaking the law. If the police are caught out with no probable cause, they will LIE about it saying they thought they smelled pot, or they thought they saw a gun, or they saw you exchanging an envelope with someone (who was Black and disappeared into the night) and they believed you had just made a controlled substance purchase, etc.. We the people must know the law and respectfully but firmly push back against the growing lawlessness of the police across this whole country, (and straight up into the SCOTUS)


  • It is his job to check businesses and to inquire about vehicles after hours. I’m damn certain that the business owner appreciates the cops checking on his office after hours. The cop was a jerk but so was this lady.
  • First question should ALWAYS be: “Is this a ‘Terry Stop’, or is it consensual?” Terry Stops require RAS. Consensual means you can end the encounter.
  • When you know your rights you have an attitude, but the cop can use foul language when addressing this women!
  • He just can’t let it go and walk away…
  • She was actually a lot nicer than she had to be tbh. He overstayed his welcome by a long shot. Police officers’ job isn’t to preach at civilians.
  • In new mexico the car has to be property marked with lights n police on car, he has to have on a proper uniform.
  • So lick my boots and we’re ok? Oh chief she hurt my feelings!
  • He’s one of those men that tells women to smile just have authority over them ugh
  • Do you know how easy it would be to make that shirt he was wearing. How do we know he was in fact a cop? “Anyone can wear a janitorial shirt.” By that logic anyone can wear anything and not be who they claim to be. Sounds like an effort to manufacture crimes since they can’t actually stop or solve actual crimes.
  • How come ive never seen a single cop that understands id laws or reasonable articulable suspicious.. The cop cursing at the citizen, talking about respect.. they gas-light you in real time now.. interesting..
  • How would her ID prove she’s supposed to be there? Let me help “Ma’am what are you doing here?” “I’m working ” “OK” then wait for her to enter building and drive away. Is any of this that difficult.
  • I think these cops are desperate for a fight and look for anything they can to start a altercation.
  • Telling her to lose the attitude and he was being a jerk right from the get go, talking about anybody can wear a cleaning uniform. His ego is the problem, citizens have the right to have an attitude with cops we’ve earned it.
  • “That’s fine, Now that I know you work here” Well I told you I worked here earlier and showed you the keys and my uniform And you said well I can go pick up a shirt like that from the store. So out of curiosity how do you know that I work here now? What it looks like is you realize you fucked up. Because there’s no new evidence that can verify my story from what I told you the first time. You’re clearly just fishing
  • Anyone can buy a badge and police costume at a military surplus store… everything he is saying applies to himself as well. Not to mention he acknowledges she represents her company right now, an admission he accepts she is at work and that his ego was the problem here.
  • Why is it that every time that cops are trying to bully you like that they always keep walking towards you and try to corner to make you feel threatened but then they want to say they feel threatened. Keep your distance incase it is a dangerous person you have some space to react.