Who Stopped the Republican Health Bill?

33 Republicans who would not budge from their decisions to vote “no” on the health care bill were key to causing its collapse. They can be divided into three broad categories:

15 Hard-liners

10 Moderates

Other Republicans

Speaker Paul Ryan Loses Another Non-House Freedom Caucus Conservative in RyanCare Fight

Losing conservatives like Barletta and North Carolina’s Rep. Ted Budd mean that in addition to losing a close vote, Ryan now has to worry about losing in a landslide that would threaten his grasp on the gavel itself.

.. “Under Obamacare, a half a million people received a total of $750 million in health care subsidies, even though the recipients could not prove their lawful presence in the United States,” he said. “I cannot vote for a replacement plan that fails to address this problem.”