Chris Cuomo: My CNN Job Is Pointless and I Can’t Stand It

Was Chris Cuomo fully recovered from his fight with COVID-19 when he took to the air on Monday? He used his SiriusXM show to vent about his role as CNN anchor, and said his battle with coronavirus had made him rethink his values and question his position as a public figure. He said: “I don’t like what I do professionally… I don’t think it’s worth my time.” Cuomo said he missed the freedom to tell his critics to “go to hell,” saying: “That matters to me more than making millions of dollars a year… because I’ve saved my money and I don’t need it anymore.” Speaking about his job as the host of CNN’s Prime Time, he said he doesn’t want to spend his life “trafficking in things that I think are ridiculous,” like “talking to Democrats about things that I don’t really believe they mean,” and “talking to Republicans about them parroting things they feel they have to say.” Cuomo concluded: “I’m basically being perceived as successful in a system that I don’t value. I’m seen as being good at being on TV and advocating for different positions… but I don’t know if I value those things, certainly not as much as I value being able to live my life on my own terms.”

Civil War at Fox News

Juan Williams triggered fellow The Five hosts on Fox News. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

Trump Administration Accidentally Sends Democrats Talking Points

Republican talking points were accidentally sent to Democrats.

Talking points are often sent out by think tanks who are funded by wealthy donors.

Read the White House’s Talking Points After Trump’s Press Conference

Email sent to surrogates and allies of the president says that Trump ‘reaffirmed some of our most important Founding principles’ in his Tuesday press conference.

.. The points tell allies of the White House that Trump was “entirely correct” in saying there was violence on both sides, that Trump “reaffirmed some of our most important Founding principles” and that he has “been a voice for unity and calm.”