Our Stripe Billing implementation and the one webhook to rule them all

Notice we have a naming scheme going on and we have multiple Monthly and multiple Yearly entries. This is because we are changing and tweaking prices as Checkly matures. This way we can grandfather early customers into their pricing plan. So, with each change in pricing, you add a pricing plan instead of editing the one that’s already there.

.. For Checkly, this was great when customers asked if they can get some extra browser checks above their plan limit, but without needing to upgrade to the next plan level. For example, our Starter plan gives you five browser checks, but you need eight. You don’t want to opt for the Growth plan. No problem, we can add the overage of three to your plan using this bundle. Boom, sales 💵

The tiering allows you to assign different unit prices per volume. This is commonly used to give discounts for higher volumes, i.e. the first ten are $3 per unit and from there on $2 per unit.

Batch multiple transactions from one customer into a single charge

Can I group together charges from a single customer so I don’t have to pay the Stripe fee on each one?

If you want to group several charges from a customer into a single charge, you first need to save the customer’s payment information.

Once that’s done, you can either: * Bundle up the payments locally and create a charge automatically through your own system, or * Subscribe your customer to a $0/month plan and create an invoice item for each small payment. By default, we’ll pay the invoice automatically with each billing cycle. Alternatively, you can create the invoice immediately and pay it.

PayPal vs Stripe vs Authorize.net vs Amazon Payments – Which Is Best for a WordPress Site

A few key points to consider:

PayPal Standard is available in 203 countries.

Next up we have Stripe, arguably the most popular PayPal alternative available.
Why is Stripe so popular? Because it gives you the opportunity to take on-site payments without the monthly fee. If you’re a WooCommerce user wanting to integrate Stripe using the official extension, it will set you back $79, though.

Stripe is a slightly trickier proposition to configure, especially vs PayPal Standard – after all, Stripe is targeted at developers. If you know what you’re doing, though, or you’re willing to hire someone, then Stripe is one of the best payment gateways for the job.

Stripe also has an effective anti-fraud team on-hand to deal with any dubious transactions. It supports recurring payments out-the-box, too, and is one of the best solutions for international businesses – you can accept over 100 currencies, which are automatically converted to your default currency.
Here is a summary of the all-important key points:

Stripe is currently available in 21 countries, with more expected to be added. (Vs PayPal, it’s not a lot)

Stripe Atlas: The best way to start an internet business

Starting a company can be needlessly complicated—lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. We built Stripe Atlas to make this easy: a tool to handle everything involved in establishing an internet business. It’s available to entrepreneurs everywhere.