Trump Praises Clinton for never Quitting and being a Fighter

For one shining moment, Trump actually took the high road, and praised Clinton for never quitting, and for being a fighter. She seemed surprised and a little flattered — and she should, since those are undoubtedly among the qualities that Trump admires the most in himself.


.. The Horrible, Horrible Evan Bayh

In June 2010, Bayh was among a small group of Democrats who helped kill a tax increase on private equity gains known as carried interest that was opposed by Apollo Global Management. That fall he stayed overnight three times at one Apollo executive’s Central Park South residence in Manhattan, and met twice with the company’s chief executive, Leon Black.

Weeks after Bayh left the Senate, Apollo announced he had been hired as a senior adviser.

In May 2010, Bayh lunched with a Marathon Oil board member. Then in June, he and a minority of Democrats joined with Republicans to defeat an amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., that would have eliminated billions in tax deductions and exemptions for oil and gas companies.

Marathon Petroleum Corp., a new Marathon spinoff, announced Bayh had been elected to its board in July 2011.

.. Separately, in post-Senate life, Bayh “earned $440,033.72 as a Fox News analyst.”

Hillary Clinton Should Play to Her Strengths

Senator Elizabeth Warren has criticized Clinton for changing her position, when she was in the Senate, on a bankruptcy bill, elements of which were vehemently opposed by the financial industry

.. This strategy, rather than trying to meet Sanders head-on, focusses on acknowledging his good intentions and questioning whether he can deliver on his promises.

.. the heart of the Clinton message: experience, durability, practicality, and unity. These qualities may not set the pulse racing or fill basketball stadiums.