DeSantis has worked on his Trump Impression On-Stage


It’s so creepy! It’s like he’s studied all of Trump’s traits & has incorporated them into his persona. I mean look at his first commercial he put out for governor. There he teaches his baby to build a wall & a bunch of other cringy stuff. Isn’t that a sign of a sociopath or some other kind of “path”, that they become like the ppl they want to be like? Kinda like in Single White Female, where Bridget Fonda became like her roommate? Whatever it is, it’s extremely disturbing!
Heard someone call him diet trump


Homie OBVIOUSLY called Trump’s tailor before this event….



He stands that way because he suffers from ILS ( Invisible Lat Syndrome)


He penalized schools for trying to protect their students from a deadly virus. What a piece of 💩!
Sounded like a threat of violence against a man who is leaving. Why? His is grasping for MAGA’s! He will be on about Hillery any moment now. SMH…


attempting to incite violence again are we desantis trump ?i hope it comes back to you ten fold
I swear if you listened to the DeSantis speech with no video and only audio you almost couldn’t tell the difference between him and the orange clown.
Stochastic terrorism on Desantis’ part. That’s illegal
MAGAS just love mud slinging, hate, name calling and insult
He’s playing up to Keri Lake saying he and Trumpf both have BDE (I thought it was some kind of STI but never mind) He can’t do the height himself so he has to be as nasty as Trumpf
Everyone should refer to Desantis as Baby Trump from now on to get under his skin as well as create anxiety for Trump that his rule is about to be handed over.

Ted Cruz’s BOMBS During CPAC Speech

“Ted Cruz has mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over lawmakers’ fears during the assault on the Capitol as he raged against “political theatre” following the attack, as well as mask guidance during a pandemic that has killed more than 500,000 Americans within a year, among other right-wing grievances while his state recovers from a devastating winter storm.”*