Loser Donald: Trump’s BIG Secret Goes Public (Young Turks)

Trump is a TERRIBLE businessman. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.


.. also I just wanted a note so Steve Doocy
mentions the leak now the New York
time’s apparently did not receive the
actual tax returns they were able to
corroborate the information they
received in regard to his tax returns
but the leak came from a person who has
legal access to the tax returns so Dulce
mentions the leak and questions where
the leak came from and I think that’s an
important part of this story to follow
because this is what the right wing does
and I would argue this is what they do
successfully where they will deflect and
and avoid actually talking about the
heart of the story and then they’ll
start placing the blame on the leaker Oh
who’s this leaker this terrible leaker
is that someone who works for the
federal government we need to find out
who the leaker is and so then they’ll
start lobbying for investigations into
the leaker instead of actually looking
at the heart of the story I mean that
was successfully done when it came to
Edward Snowden right all of the
conversation that we saw in the
mainstream media to be fair wasn’t only
Fox but all the conversations we saw the
mainstream press was was this espionage
we need to talk about whether or not
this is espionage how about we talk
about the fact that the majority of
Americans right now are indiscriminately
being spied on
so when Republicans say racist or
bigoted things they say freedom of
speech freedom of speech when someone
leaks information about the president
they’re like shut it down shut it down
find the criminal who’s speaking when
they shouldn’t be speaking which one is
it okay one more clip because I love