Chit Chat Live 4-2-18: Stephon Clark, Police Shootings, Roseanne Show, Laura Ingram, No DACA Deal plus more.

Join Diamond and Silk for the weekly “Chit Chat Live” program. Special guest, Brandon Tatum We’ll be discussing the latest news headlines, including the police shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, CA. Chit Chat Live appears LIVE on the Diamond and Silk YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages every Monday at 8pm Eastern.

The Police Shooting of Stephon Clark Is Deeply Problematic

Focusing on whether the shooting was lawful misses the larger point.

.. It’s one thing to be in hot pursuit of an armed robber or a known, violent felon. It’s one thing to approach a situation where you perceive that innocent lives are in imminent danger. It’s another thing entirely to deal with a person who, to that point, had broken windows, and no other civilian was perceived to be at risk.

.. What are the possibilities that the suspect hadn’t heard the commands at all? (There’s some evidence, from his grandmother, that he may have had earbuds in.)

.. Moreover, what is the background level of risk here? According to the City of Sacramento, it’s been almost 20 years since a cop was shot and killed in the line of duty.

.. Cops don’t have a law-of-armed-conflict problem — the constitutional standards and state statutes governing when a cop can be prosecuted are appropriate — they have a rules-of-engagement problem. Training and escalation-of-force standards are too often not matched to the level of threat that police officers actually face or to the overarching mission of an American police force.