Why don’t people take INTJ advice?

ENFJ here.

Most people want validation and not a solution. The INTJ is an analytical and logical type. They find holes in systems and processes. Their intuition (Ni) feeds off their logic (Te) and this causes them to give logical answers and solutions to problems. It goes against the nature of the majority and that majority just wants validation.

You ever been shopping with a friend?

You find two pairs of clothes and you try them on. You show your friend the clothes and ask for their opinion. They choose one but your mind says that it doesn’t seem right for some reason. You end up buying the one you wanted. All you wanted was validation. The INTJ would have given you validation if they found it valid in the first place!

And sometimes people just don’t want to follow the solution. It’s hard work for them and they assume it to be too energy consuming. Not just that, people are wired differently. You give them a solution and they may follow it with flaws or they may slip into their fantasy world where they overthink too much and get swallowed into this land full of unicorns and flying dinosaurs that distorts the initial idea of the solution.

Alright. Here is another reason why people do not follow the advice. INTJs are logical and they offer solutions that do not align with your core values that could be emotional. They might say:

“You need to be bold and straightforward with people. People will disrespect you if you let them. You should command! Blah, blah, blah.”

But being straight and bold could be scary for people. It means a higher chance of conflict which goes against their core values. Dominant Fi or Fe types can have problems following solutions that causes them to step outside their comfort zones. They want solutions that offer a win win scenario without conflict and without anyone getting upset.

The #1 Trick For Bringing A Narcissist To Justice

If you have ever been in a legal or court situation with a narcissist you know they play DIRTY! Whilst trying to get resolution, sanity or even a scrap of decency regarding what is yours, or owed to you, it may feel like all you get is MORE traumatisation. Narcissists can feel IMPOSSIBLE to defeat when you are locked in battles with them. But … this isn’t the case. In today’s Thriver TV episode, I am going to hand you the number #1 way that you WILL bring a narcissist to justice. I will go through this step by step so you can feel confident and in your power in any legal/court situation with a narcissist.


They don’t seek solutions.

They depend upon supply.


deep dive into this topic with you
you’ll understand why so I wanted first
of all talk about how and why the
narcissist is such a great actor and
then as always which is what I do I want
to bring the power and a healing back
squarely to ourselves the NASA’s earth
is a false self which means that he or
she is a consummate actor a charade
being whoever is required at the time to
get narcissistic supply in the most
efficient and effective way I’m from a
very early age narcissus know that to
get attention and stuff which means
resources time accolades contacts well
sex whatever it is that’s required to
fill the deep black hole inside them
which no matter what it gets will never
feel durably hole or at peace they know
that people need to like and

The one best idea for ending sexual harassment

Today, more than 60 million Americans have arbitration clauses in their employment contracts, eliminating their Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial. Arbitration clauses can be required as a condition of employment — and they’re a harasser’s best friend. Forced arbitration keeps proceedings secret and allows predators to stay in their jobs, even as victims are pushed out or fired. Forced arbitration also silences other victims, who might have stepped forward if they’d known.

These clauses are unjust and un-American, and the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Act restores victims’ right to a jury trial. Under the act, victims can choose arbitration or court. This is the only way to ensure claims can be made public.

.. Congress should apply the same standards for sexual misconduct that it does to violations of securities law.

.. After the Enron and WorldCom frauds devastated the retirement funds of numerous investors, Congress responded with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which has helped restore investor confidence through better corporate governance, stricter reporting and enhanced whistleblower protections for employees who report fraud. The law also requires corporate officers to sign certifications, under penalty of perjury, attesting to their companies’ compliance with securities laws and maintenance of internal controls that work to identify violations.

..  Legislators, too, should have to attest annually to their offices’ compliance with sexual harassment laws and to disclose sexual harassment settlements (while shielding the identities of the victims). Changes like these could have uncovered the sexual harassment scandals at 21st Century Fox, which employed Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, or the congressional practice of paying out confidential settlements with public money, much more quickly.

.. IN THE FIREHOUSE: Recognize the message sent by vulgar language

In our agency, you have to lead by example. Discipline is important. When those in positions of authority are crude in conversation, it fosters an environment that makes it easy for misconduct to happen. Vulgarity in language, even if inappropriate touching never happens, trickles down throughout the organization. If people in a position to lead and make decisions constantly curse and joke about sex while playing down complaints about harassment, it sends the message that harassment is not a problem — and that everyone else should feel the same way.

.. There are state and federal laws covering various forms of harassment and workplace safety. But without an enforceable mechanism that protects workers from retaliation for reporting dangerous workplace conditions, as in a union contract, those laws are repeatedly violated.

Nurses can be targeted not just by direct supervisors but also by doctors who are viewed as rainmakers by their hospital employers, who increasingly put their bottom lines ahead of the well-being of nurses and other staff. Management will commonly close ranks with the harasser — not with the target of the abuse.

Nurses who object to sexual misconduct can endure retribution, such as being reassigned to less desirable schedules or to clinical areas in which they have less expertise.