The Power of ‘Abolish ICE’

Democrats are shifting left on immigration, and it shows at the polls.

ICE is relatively new. “ICE’s mission was created in 2002 — they’ve only been around for 15 years,” she told me. “In that time, they have grown to be an agency whose mission is to tear families apart and put fear into immigrant, refugee and undocumented communities. ICE has only become increasingly militarized, brutal and unaccountable.” For her, the call to abolish ICE is a demand to create an immigration policy “based in compassion.”

.. his concerns about ICE stem from the increasingly racist overtones of the agency’s enforcement priorities, “They’re trying to send every possible signal that there are people who don’t belong in this country, and it’s not people from Norway. This is being done almost exclusively on race. Sitting in the parking lot outside of a Head Start school is not for the security of the country.”

.. For many of candidates running for office, sexual assault in ICE detention centers has been a motivation. After Gaby Del Valle reported on sexual assault in ICE detention for The Outline, one woman who spoke up was detained in solitary confinement. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has called for a congressional inquiry into sexual assault in ICE detention and a truth and reconciliation process for survivors of sexual assault.