Skye Jethani: Christian Nationalism and Nominal Christianity

Christian nationalism is the biggest predictor of Trump support.

There is more emphasis on saying “Merry Christman” than loving one’s neighbor or living out other Christian values.

More voters want America to be a nominally Christian nation than to display any actual Christian values.

Neither the Trump campaign and RNC thought Trump would win.

The RNC thought Trump had a 20% chance of winning.

polarization, entertainment, epistemology, Neil Postman

systems, structures, incentives – probably the best bet for change

  • gerrymandering, political parties, role of money, power of parties to select nominees: elites vs voters
  • in order to be more democratic it needs to be less democratic

How Democracies die: in Latin Americans use democracy to destroy Democracy.

mediated vs direct democracy.

The founders rigged it to keep too much power out of the hands of the rank and file uneducated masses.  Thinking that we need the elite to insulate ourselves from ourselves.

Since 1968, there have been reforms away from a balanced system, has swung towards the will of the people deciding almost everything.

The “unwashed masses” — not that the voters are stupid, but they are not experts.

The average voter should not have to know the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending.

Unbelievable? The politics of UK & US evangelicals – Hatcher, Walton, Zmirak & Flannagan (…plus Skye Jethani)

White Christian evangelical voters played a significant part in electing Donald Trump to the White House and have traditionally been aligned with the US Republican Party. But UK evangelicals have very different political habits according to Prof Andrea Hatcher, author of “Political and Religious Identities of British Evangelicals”.

Andrea joins Justin along with journalist Andy Walton, John Zmirak of The Stream, and Andy Flannagan on Christian In Politics. Following the panel discussion Justin catches up with Skye Jethani about his new book “What’s Wrong With Religion?”

  • John Zmirak embraces the Constintian church, Scotts/Irish church.
  • Manichean worldview: we are right and you are the devil.


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