The Olympians Who Want to Be Jet-Lagged

American ski-jumpers have an unusual plan for Pyeongchang. Can it work?

But the difference between ski-jumpers and other Winter Olympians is that there might be value in not being mentally sharp. Some would rather be slightly foggy. They believe it can actually help calm their nerves.

.. their sport is far more taxing on their brains than their bodies. “The closest thing I can compare it to is golf,”

.. “Mentally, it feels like suicide,” he said. “The closer you come to committing suicide without committing suicide, the better you’re going to be.”

.. the worst thing you can do before flying into the abyss is think too much. And it’s almost impossible to think—let alone think too much—with your head in the clouds. Which is exactly the point.

.. They have been encouraged to use jet lag to their unlikely advantage by USA Nordic Sport executive director Bill Demong.

.. “My experience was that if I left the U.S. on Wednesday night and arrived in Europe on Thursday that I would have my best competition of the trip on Saturday,”

.. Most professional sports teams now attempt everything in their power to minimize their circadian disruption. The NBA even baked in an extra day of travel between Finals trips so the players will be the best versions of themselves in the biggest games of the year.