Why A Sigma INFJ Can End All Evil

Why A Sigma INFJ Can End All Evil. Who is neither Beta nor Alpha and loves dancing to his own drum’s beat? It’s the sigma INFJ. These individuals have always been lurking in the corners, minding their own business on the fringe of society. But one of the things a sigma INFJ is good at is to end all evil in the world. How?

An advantage of being a sigma INFJ is the ability to know you’re right and be hardly convinced by anyone who tries to distort your correct thinking. Sigma INFJs are confident with who and what they are as a person. With that, they are so sure of what they like and do not like. So, it is easy for them to refuse to do something that may violate their moral standards and contrast their personal values. No one can tell a sigma INFJ to resort to corruption even during the most desperate situations. No one can ever convince them to be unfaithful to their partner under any circumstance. Sigma INFJs will slam their doors in front of whoever attempts to order them to do this and that— because they have their own set of rules to follow. There’s no wonder why negativity can never penetrate in an INFJ’s world— they end it even at the very first glance.

Despite being introverts, sigma INFJs dominate the world through unconventional means. Are you a sigma INFJ? How do you end all evil in your own ways?

00:00 INTRO
00:28 10 They don’t idolize anyone
01:17 09 They take the lead
02:25 08 They break faulty systems
03:16 07 They despise materialism
04:04 06 They aren’t easily influenced by people
05:02 05 They are very self-disciplined
05:45 04 They treat everyone fairly
06:38 03 They are righteous defenders of what is right or wrong
07:26 02 They’re incredibly self-aware
08:25 01 They can’t be told to do something