How Sigma Empaths Tame Narcissists

How Sigma Empaths Tame Narcissists. Some people do the best that they can to avoid the pangs of the narcissist’s abuse, while some effortlessly stay afloat and not move a muscle to defend themselves. Who are these people who are neither threatened nor triggered by narcissists? Well, they’re the most resilient, composed, and independent— sigma empaths. So, how does this rare breed of humans tame their predators?

Sigma empaths will never allow themselves to be slaves of narcissists’ demands. They live their lives to the fullest without anyone’s permission and approval— this is why narcissists can never dominate them. As a sigma empath, do you agree with this? How do you tame narcissists in your own ways?

00:00 INTRO
00:33 10 They stay passive when the narcissist needs their reaction the most
01:38 09 Narcissists can’t make them care
02:27 08 They can never be codependents
03:27 07 They refuse to absorb the narcissist’s emotions.
04:26 06 They aren’t sources of the narcissist’s supply.
05:25 05 They are extremely hard to get.
06:12 04 They’re too busy to entertain nonsense.
07:01 03 They refuse to be dictated and controlled.
07:45 02 They’re neither obsessed nor afraid to lose anyone.
08:38 01 They expose the narcissist’s truths.