I think Donald Trump is amazing. What would you say to change my mind?

I like Chris Oleary’s answer best. I don’t think I can top that, but there are few behavioral points I would like to point out. I myself am an independent. I have voted both Republican and Democrat in the past. I am, however, anti-Trump. I disagree with almost all of his policies, but that isn’t why. It is because of his behavioral patterns:

ANTECEDANT: A popular comedian or actor goes on record making a joke about the president

BEHAVIOR: Trump publically insults that person in a way that is opinion based and can’t be proven

CONSEQUENCE: Trump gets a ton of attention in the media; behavior is reinforced.

A: Policies of a non-democratic leader come into question

B: Trump declines to weigh in or makes a public suggestion that if the US makes money off those actions then they will not be condemned

C: Trump gets more support by non-democratic leaders and more media attention. Behavior is reinforced.

A: Migrants walk toward the US for whatever reason

B: Trump blames it on democrats

C: Trump gets more media attention and validation from his base. Behavior is reinforced.

A: Racial issues come to light that incite violence in the US

B: Trump calls himself a nationalist and makes comments about home countries of minorities

C: Trump gets more attention from the right wing extremists. Behavior is reinforced.

These behaviors are not democratic or republican. They do not serve republican ideals. There are many responses he could come up with that further the goals of the Republican party. These behaviors are designed for self gratification only.

You may be saying- ok, what’s the point? The point is that in order for Trump to continue to receive the attention that he seeks, he has to continue to publically react to events that are highly non-democratic in a way that invokes an extreme reaction from the public. As the presidency goes on, these behaviors will become more and more extreme. He may have to create situations himself just so he can react to them.

At some point he will grow bored of validation from his base and require a new set of situations that will bring about the reinforcing consequence of extreme attention. Eventually, he will have to one up himself every time he interacts with the public.

Because his need for attention greatly out ways his ability to create stability, he is a ticking time bomb. His suppors think that he is a loyalist. He is not. He will grow tired of their praise and require more attention from the American people and the world. When that time comes he will put things like civil liberties, amendments, laws and even his own base supporters aside in order to get that reinforcement.

No one is curbing his behavior. Since he is the most powerful man in the world, maybe no one can. It serves you now, but eventually it won’t. When the rights of hard working Americans like you start to be an afterthought for Trump, don’t say no one told you so. He goes where the attention and the deal is. Believe me, if he decides his base is not that, he will utterly betray you AND the party. THIS is not a man you should trust. He wants to be on the loudest and most victorious team. Period.