Scott Adams: Something like half of the country believes occupying a room in the Capitol gives you functional control over the United States government.

It’s not because they would have been in the room, it’s because they would have killed the Senators they found there.

Some of them were intent on killing Pence and Pelosi. Try to keep up, bruh.

Is your point that those who occupied the capital didn’t disrupt our government? That if they gained access to the representatives and carried out their threats everything would still be cool?

Breaching the floor of the Senate” means getting into the the building before it was evacuated, to start “arresting” members of congress to prevent them from voting, and/or steal the certified EC votes. That was the plan of many. They got within a minute or two of success.

Yeah, so storming your living room wouldn’t be a threat to you?

“Serious threat” and “functional control” are not the same thing. Police officers were beaten with lead pipes, attacked with stun guns, and stampeded. The mob was only a few wrong turns away from doing the same to Representatives and Senators.

I think you’re forgetting the part where the commander in chief of the United States refused to leave office after a lawful election, is that part of the funny too?