Luke Gromen – Oil Cartel Siding With China Can Destabilize the Petrodollar

Sept 2018 prediction: early 2020 US Will have to monetize the debt

SBTV picks the mind of Luke Gromen, founder of Forest For The Trees LLC, about an impending dollar crisis and what likely scenarios can destabilize the petrodollar in the coming years. We also asked him what his ideal monetary system would be if he got to choose it. Forest For The Trees website:

Discussed in this interview:

05:08 Why a dollar crisis is coming?

12:14 US dollar still the center of the world?

13:07 Gold is wanted as a global neutral reserve asset.

14:35 Saudis’ view of the Petro-dollar: conflicted

23:10 A world where oil is priced in multiple currencies

28:33 No credible reserve currency alternatives to the dollar?

31:29 Bancor: A suitable replacement for the dollar standard?

34:08 How should investors navigate the impending dollar crisis?