What are the five things to know about the actor Leonardo DiCaprio?


1. His first agent wanted him to change his name to ‘Lenny Williams’

Leonardo DiCaprio is by far the most unique and coolest sounding names in the industry. However, when he was new to the business, Leo’s first agent refused to sign him unless he agreed to change his name to Lenny Williams, arguing that Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was ‘’too ethnic’’. I’m glad that he refused.

2. He Copes With OCD

The actor has been open about suffering from OCD all of his life, with it being one of the reasons why he connected with the role of playing Howard Hughes in the The Aviator. The actor has said that he has strong urges to walk through doors several times, as well as step on chewing gum stains.

3. He Sponsors A Young Girl

While on set in South Africa, filming Blood Diamond, he went and visited some nearby orphanages. While there, he fell in love with a little girl and although he couldn’t realistically adopt her, due to his lifestyle and career, he sends her anything she needs and makes sure to keep her happy and healthy.

4. A Kind Heart

Kate Winslet and DiCaprio decided to take on the money challenges of Titanic’s last remaining survivor when her nursing home expenses were getting unaffordable. She was ready to sell her Titanic memorabilia but the two actors weren’t having that. They took care of the expenses and hoped that she could rest easy knowing she was well taken care of.

5. Truth Behind Catch Me If You Can

When Leo was working on the set of the movie, he got to meet and chat with the real Frank Abagnale Jr., whom he was playing in the film. The two got along so well that DiCaprio invited the conman to his home.