Sam Harris & David Frum Dismantle Donald Trump’s Politics

The audio in this video is from Sam Harris’ Waking Up podcast, episode #65 — We’re All Cucks Now _

Donald Trump got 3 things right:

  1. Crisis in American Rural Life
    • The “inner cities” are having a revival, but the rural areas are struggling, and had not been heard
    • The drug crisis
  2. Beliefs about Trade date back from times when other countries were democracies or small players
    1. Chinese trade imbalances have caused harsh dislocations
    2. We don’t have compensation like
  3. Immigration is described by economists as having no costs
    • The costs (cultural) are born by the bottom 30-40%

But none of that suggests that Donald Trump is the right person to deal with these 3 issues.

There is a game-theorist idea that it might take a bull in the china shop to deal with our adversaries.

  • Vested interests

Donald Trump is like a diamond that comes with a curse.

He is not cutting through bureaucracy.  He is not confirming his appointments.

An undisciplined America aids adversaries.