Rio Games Highlight Problems With the Olympic Model

As we depart, Rio de Janeiro is left with stadiums for which it has little use and swimming pools far removed from the working class who could dearly use them. Tens of thousands of residents were displaced, a golf course sits atop a former nature preserve ..

.. The greatest honor we can pay to a nation is to take its maladies seriously. Brazil overthrew a dictatorship and remains a gloriously messy democracy.

.. Our Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics were a bacchanalia of bribes, doping and corruption.

.. he could recall no reporters poking around impoverished corners of London during its Summer Olympics. If that is so, that is our failure.

.. What if the I.O.C. instead had awarded Rio de Janeiro three cycles of Olympics: 2016, 2020 and 2024?

.. If city leaders did not offer measurable progress, the I.O.C. could withdraw the next two rounds of Games.