6 Reasons Women Respect the Sigma Males So Much

If you understand the sigma males personality, sigma male traits, and sigma male mindset, you will understand the reasons women respect the sigma males so much.

If you make an effort to understand the sigma males, you will realize that they are the most amazing people to be friends with.

They enjoy spending time alone and live life outside the social dominance hierarchy. Regardless of what is happening around the sigma male, he’s always calm.

The lone wolves have a high level of emotional control and will always analyze situations before making decisions.

In today’s video, we will be talking about 6 reasons women respect the sigma males so much.

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So, here are 6 reasons women respect the sigma males so much;

  1. They are always improving themselves.
  2.  They are emotionally controlled.
  3. The respect women without expect anything in return.
  4. They are not clingy.
  5. They always keep their word. They are reliable and don’t make promises they can’t keep.
  6. They are independent and make their own decisions.

“Fake Alpha” Narcissists vs True Alphas

Authority vs Competence

Force an Agenda vs Gives Time to Buy into an Agenda

Unearned Loyalty vs Earned Byproduct of Relationship

Thin-skinned vs Understanding Difference.  Thick Skinned

Cult based on their Personal Preference vs Solid Ideas

Insistence vs Patient Planning & Process, dealing with problems that come up

Demand Obedience vs Creativity & Diversity

Desperate for Agreement vs Confident

Bullying, Threats, Name Calling, Derision vs Assertiveness with decency. Allows others Dignity

Has to be on top, Concerned with Rank vs Common Good

Self-impressed vs Humble

Exploitative vs Lifting Others Up

Appearance of Success vs Essence, Lets my Inner Being Speak

Angry Under Pressure vs Calm under Pressure


Short-term Brute Force


Life isn’t all about me.  Life is about Us

DRC: dignity, respect, civility

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