#132 Negative Mount Pleasant

A small town in Wisconsin becomes the site of a completely unprecedented experiment.

A Better Mount Pleasant vs Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant
Journalist Larry Tabak’s series on Foxconn in Wisconsin
Economist David Merriman’s paper on the type of financing used by Mount Pleasant
Journalist Brian Merchant’s book which includes a visit to Foxconn campus in China

An Interview with Sruthi Pinnamaneni on Vergecast


PJ VOGT: From Gimlet, this is Reply All. I’m PJ Vogt.
So there’s this tiny town in Wisconsin called Mount Pleasant. Population’s just 26,000 people, technically it’s a village. And life in Mount Pleasant is usually as quiet as you’d expect. They’re a suburb of Racine, home of malted milk and the site of some of America’s largest cabbage farms. But that’s the city. Mount Pleasant’s the suburb–place where nothing really happens. Until last year, when the village became the site of a completely unprecedented, massive international experiment.