Cyclist Leaves Police Speechless

How are you doing sir.

Hi, my name s Jim Whelan from West Palm beach

We get a lot of calls.

About what?

You . says armed cyclists.

I’m allowed to advertise.


Do you have any id with you, sir?

Under what grounds are you asking?

I’m asking you if you have any id?

Can I get your supervisor?

You’re on video.

Under what grounds are you asking??

We received a complaints

About what?

You have a lot of lights.

So what it’s legal.

If you want I can show you the statute.

I’m going to be on my way unless you have grounds to hold me.

Ok, have a nice day.

If you don’t have any grounds to hold me, this is consensual and I’m going to be on my way because I have business to attend to.



This is NOT law enforcement! This is “Policing” it’s illegal.
You absolutely know they immediately started discussing what they might be able to pick him up for. The camera and assertiveness of this dude saved him.
I always find it interesting that some cops try to convince you that an anonymous person’s feelings who called them is a reason to stop and identify you.
Police have some very important functions in civil society. This ain’t it.
“That’s a lot of lights” says the officer standing beside the car with lots of lights. lol
I just cant believe what i have just watched.. A BIKE got pulled over because he has lights while riding in the storm.. this is extremely ridiculous..
The most absurd thing about this is that she works for a department that is so lousy she was able to be a supervisor.
It’s not just that this man knew his rights, he had the strength to declare them to cops. Not easy as you think. In fact, most people aren’t taught to stand up to authority. Yes, I think we CAN teach children to be more brave in preparation to stand up for themselves!!
That was the quickest interaction with cops I’d ever seen. Good job on that!
This is the first time I have ever seen a citizen leave the scene without an expressed release and get away with it because they knew they were wrong to stop him.
I’ve never seen a cops demeanor change as fast as that cops did when you told him he’s on video.
It’s going to get to the point where everybody’s going to have body cams because everybody’s going to need to protect themselves as far as evidence goes.
Lol, I just love the way you can almost literally see the shock running through both of them, especially the guy, the exact moment he mentions the camera. 😂😂🤣🤣
Look at the cops face when he says “your being recorded”. He looks like a kid that dropped his ice-cream, and then he looks to his partner for help. Lol. I have business to attend to so I’ll be on my way
“911 what’s your emergency? “ ” there is a very visible man riding a bicycle”
One of cops favorite things to say “we’ve got a lot of complaints“ as if that justifies them hassling a citizen who is doing nothing wrong. Instead of the cops telling the complainers there is no offense, they drive around looking for conflict, looking to generate revenue by writing frivolous tickets. And violating citizens rights. Every time a cop gets taken to school like this I applaud!
“I have business to attend to” perfect line when leaving
When he says “We are getting a lot of calls” you should call bullshit. I bet nobody had called. If they have, they should be more concerned about people phoning while driving in a downpour rather than how you are kitted out.
They pulled him over for nothing. “We got a lot of calls” excuse The STAND OF SHAME
I’m surprised they didn’t tell him his window tint was too dark.
“We got a call” usually means they’re about to do whatever they want to. They seemed a little shell-shocked here.
Cameras are “serving” and “protecting” the public. Cameras expose arrogance, malpractice and corruption each day and those recording assumed a huge risks of bodily harm. Psychopaths are prone to violent outbursts when their brain is stimulated, we all witness this daily on millions of online films involving police. In most situations, it’s the only line of defence for citizens
wipes a tear from my eye that was beautiful. I know they’re supposed to respond to calls. but there’s sometimes when you just say…”yeah I checked it out it’s cool” without ever leaving the coffee shop
“Thats a lot of lights” says the cop with strobe lights flashing on top of their car
Here is something I really liked about this video. He clearly stated his rights, shut them down quickly, and drive off. It’s better than how some of these people just draw it out
While we’re talking about lights, it’s raining, shouldn’t the officers have their headlights on?
I love how cops make up their own laws and expect people to believe them. Some even get mad when you tell them it’s not a law.
Imagine the Karen that called the Cops because she read “Armed Cyclist” on the poor guys shirt.
Slow day for police work in West Palm Beach. I could see that in court: “Your honor, this cyclist’s lights were too bright.” ‘Case dismissed.’
Shrugs off the cops then proceeds into a hurricane on a bike.
RULE #9  // If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.
The supervisor sounds surprised that he’s recording. Makes it tough on cops looking to re-up that monthly quota quickly when citizens know their rights.
He’s clearly in the right. The title of the video isn’t. The officers don’t have as good a knowledge of that particular law as the cyclist. That’s a far cry from being “dirty cops.”
“There are a lot of lights” Yeah well I’d rather see a cyclist with a lot of lights than a dead cyclist because drivers couldn’t see him.
I would like to see the reaction from the chief who needs to view the report that these 2 made… “pulled a bike over for riding with his lights on”
Usually when cops start harassing you they don’t have to look at each other to see one one another reaction. But look at the way he,(male officer) looks at his superior to see what she’s gonna reply. Cause he’s thinking..”damn that’s a good question”. Lol
THE IRONY IS THEY’RE STOPPIN’ HIM FOR HIS SHIRT WHILE THE COP IS WEARIN’ A BACKWARDS CAP. So that’s acceptable (& professional) dept. issued attire?🤔
“You’re on video” “I am?” he replies sheepishly while looking for the camera. That’s what saved you along with knowing your rights. Awesome.