Unhinged Activists Never Enter the ‘Real World’ Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/448037/campus-snowflakes-will-never-face-real-world-weinstein-sulkowicz

They move seamlessly from academia into government, art, and activism.

.. relishing their inevitable education in the so-called “real world.” The presumption is simple — these kinds of antics won’t fly when they’re trying to sell insurance or write code or balance a company’s budget. The “real world” is a harsh teacher, and soon they’ll have to grow up.

.. For the most committed campus radical, the “real world” doesn’t await; a lifetime of activism does. They’ll move seamlessly from academia into government, art, and politics, and sometimes right back into academia.

.. Yes, even ethics professors are beating people with bike locks now.

.. we live in hyper-partisan times and increasingly work in geographically separated ideological cocoons

.. Corporate boycotts directly extend campus politics into the world of commerce, and any person who works for a major progressive corporation knows very well what they risk if they publicly dissent from the company line on the same hot-button cultural issues that trigger campus meltdowns.

.. and a person of any ideology — if they so choose — can live their entire life without facing the stereotypical “wake-up call” that tends to moderate political extremes.