Kochs reject push to meet with Trump

The billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, meanwhile, are being urged to reconsider their opposition to Trump by some of the donors in their network who are supporting the Manhattan tycoon, including Minnesota media mogul Stanley S. Hubbard and Dallas investor Ray Washburne, according to the two Republicans familiar with the outreach.

.. But the Republicans familiar with the push said top Koch aides rejected the idea of a meeting.


.. The Minnesota media billionaire Hubbard, a longtime member of the Koch donor network, initially opposed Trump, but has come around, and said he’ll urge the Kochs to do the same when he sees them this weekend in Colorado Springs.

.. “I think it is time that we get behind Trump because of all the important things such as Supreme Court appointments, which are crucial,” he said, adding that he was aware of the efforts to get the Kochs to meet with Trump.

.. Pence’s deep ties to the Kochs and other major conservative benefactors were considered among his strengths as a vice presidential candidate.