Trent Franks, Accused of Offering $5 Million to Aide for Surrogacy, Resigns

Representative Trent Franks announced Friday that he would resign from Congress immediately after accusations emerged that he had offered $5 million to a female employee to be a surrogate mother for his children, and that she and another female employee worried that the lawmaker wanted to have sex as a means of impregnating them.

.. Mr. Franks’s net worth sits at nearly $30 million

.. Franks’s wealth derives primarily from stock in Trinity Petroleum, where he was chief executive

.. Mr. Franks and his wife have two children, twins born by a surrogate.

.. Mr. Franks was best known as one of the most socially conservative members of the House. In 2013, he came under harsh criticismfor remarking that “the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low”

.. He also founded the Arizona Family Research Institute, a nonprofit associated with Focus on the Family, a socially conservative religious organization.