Jesse Noller: Rackspace Open Source Developer

Jesse Noller is a core developer and advocate of the Python language. Additionally he is a member, director, and officer of the Python Software Foundation as well as Python community organizer and heavily involved in PyCon US. He works for Rackspace as a Developer & Community Advocate, assisting in Rackspace’s journey to becoming an even more developer focused and open community. You can find him on Twitter @jessenoller

PostgreSQL + WAL-E + Cloudfiles = Awesome

Instead of just using a simple socket to communicate, WAL-E sends these base backups and WAL files across the internet with the help of a cloud object store, like Cloudfiles (or any OpenStack Swift deployment). This gives you the advantage that, in addition to just being replication, you have a durable backup of your database for disaster recovery. Further, you have effectively infinite read scalability from the archives, you can keep adding more followers without putting more stress on the leader.