Why do so many Americans continue to support a president who has been shown to be dishonest and unreliable in every way and at every level?

You might argue that (based on some of his statements) he is racist against Latinos or Arabs. But I have never heard him say or heard of him doing anything racist against black Americans – and yet people on the left act as if he is the most vehemently racist person in the world and every black person should be against him without any evidence to support such a view.

Leftist accuse him of being a “liar” when all I see is a man who speaks (unadvisedly) off-the-cuff without first checking the actual facts. He does not so much knowingly lie as he is just careless with the truth. He is a serial exaggerator, but he believes what he is saying and he has some (flawed) basis for believing what he does. But compare that to Clinton, who knowingly and deliberately lied directly to the voters and under oath in a court of law. I remember leftists defended him at the time because “he didn’t lie about policy, just about a private matter” but they also had no problem with Obama deliberately lying about policy when he told us we could keep our doctors. I do not mean to play a game of “what about,” but every time I hear a leftist talk about how dishonest Trump is, I cannot help but think of these sorts of things.

Continuing with the theme of “dishonest and unreliable,” we need to consider his record on campaign promises in relation to others. I have seen some respond by mocking him and his supporters for making a big deal about him just doing what any politician should do. These people must be too young to know how truly rare this is. Most Republicans have been voting for decades for politicians who say just what we want to hear, but then when they get elected never actually follow through on what they promised – in fact, they don’t even seem to try. How refreshing for us to actually watch a man not only follow through but be so obviously, desperately trying to accomplish everything he told us he would. How is that in any way “unreliable?” I loved GWB, but when he nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme court that was unreliable.

Taking this one step further, I (as a responsible Republican voter) need to consider what would likely have happened if the Democrat had been elected instead. Would we have so many quality conservative judges and justices nominated and confirmed to the courts? Not a chance. Would we be fighting over a wall, or over amnesty for 12 million illegals? Would we have pulled out of the ridiculous Iran deal or the equally ridiculous Paris Accords, or doubled down on both? Would we have higher or lower taxes? Would we have more regulations or fewer? On issue after issue (that I care about), we are better off today than we would have been.

In no way do I believe that “Trump is the best president ever,” or anything silly like that. The man has many flaws and makes me cringe with many of the things he says. I still wish I had a better choice at the time. But given the options, and given the outcomes so far, I have no regrets about my choice. That and the terrible behavior of the Democrats for the last two years is why I still support the President.

Silicon Valley Can’t Destroy Democracy Without Our Help

But while Russian meddling is a serious problem, the current sentiment toward Silicon Valley borders on scapegoating. Facebook and Twitter are just a mirror, reflecting us. They reveal a society that is painfully divided, gullible to misinformation, dazzled by sensationalism, and willing to spread lies and promote hate. We don’t like this reflection, so we blame the mirror, painting ourselves as victims of Silicon Valley manipulation.

At the hearing, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, squarely blamed the tech companies for Russian interference. “You bear this responsibility,” she said. “You’ve created these platforms.”

But we, the users, are not innocent. Some of the Russian propaganda on social media was cribbed from content that was posted by Americans. Yes, social media helps propaganda spread farther and faster. But Facebook and Twitter didn’t force users to share misinformation. Are Americans so easily duped? Or more alarming, did they simply believe what they wanted to believe?

.. The real crisis is Americans’ inability or unwillingness to sift fact from fiction, a problem that is worsened by the mainstream media’s loss of credibility when it comes to setting the record straight.
.. Facebook’s algorithms may encourage echo chambers, but that’s because the company figured out what users want.
.. The real problem is that Americans don’t have a shared sense of reality.
.. A couple of years ago, I was part of a team that tried that very experiment. We ran a Silicon Valley start-up called Parlio, which was later acquired by Quora. Parlio aimed to be a social media platform for civil debate. But what we discovered was that people loved the idea of reasoned debate, then decided that those debates took too much time. Thoughtful content was also less likely to go viral, and many users are addicted to the sugar rush of virality. So while people liked the idea of eating their vegetables, they still gravitated to Twitter’s candy aisle.

Social media platforms magnify our bad habits, even encourage them, but they don’t create them. Silicon Valley isn’t destroying democracy — only we can do that.