No Qualified Immunity – After Pretextual Traffic Stop (Dash Cam)

Police think they have to search a car because:

  • driver refuses to answer questions about travel plans
  • driver has cameras
  • driver only rolls down windows 1/4 of the way



It’s crazy to me that they think they have a right to know where people are going!


It’s still wild to me that police get to claim qualified immunity, while citizens are told ignorance of the law is not a defense. Police should be held to a higher standard if they are the enforcers of the law.

6 Cops Lose Qualified Immunity in Lawsuit – For Not Understanding Basic Law

“HES STILL TALKING! HES STILL TALKING!!” Almost like they’ve never heard of the Constitution before…
Respect Mr Wood for standing up for his rights. The fact that he had to seek an appeal shows how some Judges, who have time to research the law, can still be as corrupt as local Law Enforcement.
What is insane is this happened 6 years ago and it’s still not resolved, that is the definition of a broken system if I ever saw one
Let’s hope this sets a precedence about the blatant misuse of “qualified immunity”!!! This is one of the biggest problems with police today! Their blatant disregard for we the people where they break laws and violate our rights with impunity!
5:32 “Sarge, what are we doing, he’s talking the whole way out the door?”. In other words, he’s using his 1st amendment rights as he’s advocating for the constitution, should we arrest him? Has to be the most egregious and asinine shyt I’ve ever heard from another officer.
The fact that the department still defends their actions is troubling to me and indicates as an entire department, they are unqualified to do their jobs. This seems to be a case for the Justice Dept. to step in and take over the department, since the department has chosen to admit that they are either unaware of the constitution or unwilling to support it. They have admitted guilt to the public.
So let me get this straight, they want to arrest him for wearing a shirt and talking while leaving like he was asked? When did wearing a shirt become against the law? How do they not understand the damn Constitution? The pride and ego of these officers is just mind blowing… What’s so funny is their actions just proved why he wore the shirt that he did so they actually proved his point…
3 courts heard all arguments and only 1 took into consideration all facts and circumstances revolving around this incident. Fair and equal, or justly corrupt? You take what you will from having 2 different courts attempt to summarize punishment enforced on those who willingly conduct themselves as tyrants, only to have 1 man never back down and prove just how deep their tarnished code runs.
That is so pathetic and terrifying at the same time, that the sheriffs office think they did nothing wrong by violating a citizens God given protected rights.
It’s sad that these egregious cases have to move so high up in the courts to be appropriately adjudicated. This was an absolute slam dunk violation yet the DA’s and lower court judges conspire to deny the blatant, obvious criminality of the LEO’s in the hopes that the average citizen will give up and the acts will go unpunished and unpaid.
That man is a patriot standing up to an overreaching government.
If the cops stuck to law enforcement they would be OK, but they enforce feelings and what they think are community standards and that’s where they go wrong. They don’t know the difference….escalate every situation is all they’re capable of over and over and over !
No matter which auditor’s video I watch, such video taken in any number of states from coast to coast, the general ignorance of the average police officer when it comes to Constitutional rights is appalling. Such ignorance has to be a major contributing factor leading to the disconnect between law-abiding citizens and police personnel across the country. It is, in some cases, downright scary.

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5 1/2 years and no resolution?! Our Justice system has a HUGE problem.
I’m a retired cop. I can tell you that years ago my training officer told me to develop some seriously thick skin!! I was taught to uphold the laws and not let my feelings (or anyone else’s) get the better of me. In turn, I trained my rookies in the same manner I was trained. I can honestly tell you I never made an arrest because my feelings or anyone else’s may have been bruised. I never let my ego get the better of me. Did I make mistakes; of course but I learned from them but at my expense and not at the expense of a citizen. I wish him all the luck with his legal action against the officers and the department. Take them for all they’re worth and continue to stand up cor your rights!

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Ah,so glad to hear this!! If they would learn the laws and uphold those laws everything would be ok. But no! END QUALIFIED IMMUNITY!! I don’t understand how the lower courts constantly get it wrong!
Notice how long it’s taken this one to progress through the courts? Happened in 2016 and it’s now finally making its way to court to be tried!
Imagine if he was black.

A cop tried to keep him from recording a traffic stop, but now he’s fighting back to change the law

The battle over the right to record police is far from over. That’s because a case pending over a routine traffic stop in Lakewood, Colorado, where police interfered with a citizen journalist recording, could have a huge impact on a controversial legal precedent which shields cops from legal liability.

End Qulified Immunity Protections, & Civil Asset Forfeiture. Hold Cops Accountable.

Cops who break the law must be held accountable for their illegal actions !!!

This is also why you need to tell the cop that he is about to violate your rights and will lose his qualified immunity. Otherwise he can claim he didn’t know that law or right and use the qualified immunity as a defense.

Get it right in your heads people. “To protect and serve” means themselves.

Qualified immunity isn’t a matter that will be addressed by police reform. It’s part of the holding accountable of elected officials.

If cops didn’t break the law. These people who record them would not need to record the cops

In “this day and age…” Why do cops NOT know the law?

That cop who try to obstruct them from recording definitely has more issues under the radar and he’s a ticking bomb.

this is America cops should lose their pensions three strikes and they’re out!!😎

That would be three justice systems.
One for police, one for the wealthy, one for the rest of us.

And PlEASE leave a comment for copwatcher Abade aka Liberty Freak, his law suit may become case law that protects your right to record the police! So make sure to give him some kindness and support as he will be turning himself into law enforcement and will be incarcerated for a few months. So this is your chance to share your thoughts with him before he goes inside. Thank you! -taya

What an incredible episode!!!​​ I especially love it when you break things down and illustrate clearly​ how our system has “run amuck” and been abused to undermine & sabotage itself.

“Qualified Impunity” is such a clever, creative and accurate play on words. I would love to see that term widely adopted because I would hope that this shift might become a catalyst for reform by bringing a better understanding of just how broken our system is; and how close we may be to losing our democracy itself! It is being attacked and undermined in so many ways right now from so many sides…

If ignorance of the law is no excuse for civilians ignorance of our rights should be no excuse for the law!

Since this video was from Colorado it would make sense to mention that, at the time of this report, a new police accountability law was about to go into effect. Since then several cops, notably Loveland PD, have been held accountable with this law. As for my opinion I would like to say, no one has done more to end qualified immunity than corrupt cops all over the US.

If cleaning up neighborhoods changes the culture by changing the way people feel, then cities have an interest in leaving them neglected to justify dumping more money into police presence. It’s business as usual.

There are three types of versions of laws, the one for the poor aka the “criminal class” and then the one for government officials/LEOs, and finally the one for the elites/the rich who line the pockets of said govt officials & LEOs

I think we now know why the police are no longer required to learn the law before claiming to “enforce the law”.
Not knowing the law lets the police officers claim “I didn’t know the law” and the courts say it was an “honest mistake” and let them off with a warning to do better.

Oh and…….”qualified immunity” sounds like a “Jim Crow” law. It’s sickening that such a perversion of our Constitutional Rights is allowed!

Something to keep in mind. Until privatized, for profit, publicly traded prisons are done away with none of this tyranny will end.

I’ve always said that one of the main goals of 1st Amendment auditor’s is to remove the sovereign from the state 👍💯👍

Driver: I’m just defending myself here. You really have nothing to fear from me. I’m not out to get you. So can you kindly just cite or warn me and we can go on our way?

Wait, qualified immunity gets it’s power by proving that the law enforcement officer was ignorant of the law? Make it make sense somebody please.