If you have an Essay pitch (a substantial argument-driven piece usually based on significant research or experience in a field, with a finished length of at least 2000 words):

  • A brief pitch, outlining the major elements in the essay you want to write. Explain your basic argument and sketch the proposed narrative arc. Tell us why you are the best person to write the article, indicating your expertise and the research you have done so far towards the essay. Your pitch should be 2-3 paragraphs long.
  • One or two samples of your writing. These should be as close as possible to Aeon’s essays in style. When choosing your clips, focus on work that was published for a popular audience. If you have nothing suitable, we’re happy to look at academic writing or unpublished samples of your writing. Links or attached pdfs are acceptable.
  • Do not send in the finished piece even if you have already completed a draft – we won’t have time to read it.