Psychos on the Potomac

A new study from Southern Methodist University says the nation’s capital has more psychopaths per person than anyplace else in the country.

No surprise there.

.. The study notes that “psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere” and that “the occupations that were most disproportionately psychopathic were

  • C.E.O.,
  • lawyer,
  • media,
  • salesperson,
  • surgeon,
  • journalist,
  • police officer,
  • clergyperson,
  • chef, and
  • civil servant.”

.. So if a chief executive, salesman and media personality becomes a politician, he’s hitting four of the highest-risk categories.

.. Next came the soul-deadening inversion of American values, when Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited the Bible to justify ripping children from their parents at the border — including a baby being breast-fed by her Honduran mother. The Statue of Liberty wept.

.. Sessions is on a vile tear. A week ago, he vitiated the policy that made it possible to give asylum to women who are victims of domestic abuse or who are raped or threatened by the sort of gang members Trump decries as “animals.”

.. The week was capped, naturally, with a Giuliani aria — “When the whole thing is over, things might get cleaned up with some presidential pardons,” Rudy told The Daily News in New York — and by the usual torrent of whiny, delusional, deceptive, self-exalting tweets by President Trump.

.. We knew Trump was a skinflint and a grifter. But the New York attorney general deeply documented just how cheesy he and his children are with a suit accusing the Trump charitable foundation of illegal behavior and self-dealing. It was just what Trump always accused the Clintons of doing.

.. The supposed nonprofit was little more than a Trump piggy bank used to settle legal claims and pay off political backers. The good news for Trump was that the prosecutor proposed that he be banned from charitable activities — a fine excuse for someone who obviously wants nothing to do with charity.

.. He has somehow managed to get Republicans in a position where they are cooing over his overtures to North Korea — overtures for which they would have impeached Barack Obama — and looking the other way while he upends the free trade policy that has been party dogma for decades. Meanwhile, the usually peacenik Democrats are assailing Trump for deigning to talk nice with Kim.

.. It makes sense if you think about it: A wannabe dictator who took over the family business from a dictatorial father talking to a real dictator who took over the family business from a dictatorial father.


Ten Signs of a Psychopath

He is rude to unimportant people

While he charms to your friends and relations, he is dry or even rude to people who are beneath him. For example in a restaurant he will not thank the staff who serve him. Unless he sees someone he likes, and then he is charming. You feel uneasy with his behavior.

.. He asks you for small favors

I call this “greasing,” and it’s a thing Mallory does to make you like him. He asks you for small innocent favors. Helping him move stuff. Advising him with something. Just keep him company. Every time you say “yes” you become easier to manipulate. You start to like him. It’s called the Ben Franklin Effect.

.. He has no history

He has no old friends you can speak to. He has lots of stories, yet nothing you can check on. If you google him, there is little except his self portraits. He has no professional track record. His past is blank and his present is unstable. This makes you curious. Yet he’s open to everything. Think of the possibilities

.. He is super social

He is fast to make friends with your family, colleagues, anyone who matters in your life. He does this with energy. Pretty soon everyone has accepted him and likes him. If you have any doubts about him, others will tell you he’s OK. This soothes you.

Plouffe: ‘We have a psychopath running for president’

“We have a psychopath running for president,” David Plouffe said in an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd. “I mean, he meets the clinical definition, OK?”

.. Plouffe elaborated, “The grandiose notion of self-worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse. So I think he does; right, I don’t have a degree in psychology.”

Not all psychopaths are criminals – some psychopathic traits are actually linked to success

Each man gave a videotaped speech about his personal flaws. Raine and his colleagues found that the men they considered successful psychopaths displayed significantly greater heart rate increases, suggesting an increase in social anxiety. These men also performed better on a task requiring them to modulate their impulses.

The bottom line: having a modicum of social anxiety and impulse control may explain why some psychopathic people manage to stay out of trouble.