Who Is Postmaster General Louis DeJoy? | NowThis

Louis DeJoy is the first person in nearly two decades to become postmaster general without any postal service experience.

However, he does have $1.2M of experience with political donations to Trump and another $1.3M to the GOP.

So how did DeJoy end up at the center of Trump’s attempt to upend the 2020 election?

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In US news and current events today, Louis DeJoy, a Business Executive, Trump mega-donor, and the 75th United States postmaster general, who by the way, has absolutely no experience working in the postal service is today’s focus for Who Is. DeJoy is the first person in nearly two decades to become postmaster general who was not selected from the postal service’s ranks. But DeJoy was a shoe-in nonetheless, he was appointed by the Postal Service’s board of governors who have deep ties to the GOP and Mitch McConnell. DeJoy himself donated over 1.2 million dollars to Trump’s 2016 campaign and 1.3 million dollars to the Republican Party. But what does all this back scratching mean? As a North Carolina businessman, DeJoy had significant investments in companies that compete or do business with the U.S. Postal Service AKA USPS, including financial interests in private delivery competitors to the USPS—meaning he stands to benefit if the public service went private. DeJoy has already taken drastic measures to upend American democracy as the nation largely looks to vote by mail amid a global pandemic which has killed nearly 200,000 Americans. Under DeJoy’s leadership the USPS has removed high-speed mail sorting machines from facilities, which would be used to sort ballots come November 3rd. One report says they planned to remove 502 mail sorting machines, or about 13% of its total inventory by September 30, conspicuously before the election. As if that weren’t enough, they’ve unbolted corner mailboxes, eliminated employee overtime, mandated that mail be kept until the next day if distribution centers are running behind, and as USA today notes, DeJoy has also restructured the USPS by “removing or reassigning nearly two dozen agency leaders, including displacing the two top executives who oversaw day-to-day operations.” He has also banned employees from making extra trips to deliver mail.