If Trump Rips Up Nafta, Canada May Shrug, Not Shudder

“We will not be pushed into accepting any old deal, and no deal might very well be better for Canada than a bad deal,” Mr. Trudeau said in Chicago

.. Trump’s threats to tear up the trade agreement, and his administration’s aggressive use of trade laws, may actually help prod export-dependent industries in Canada to finally look beyond the United States market to do business.

.. in the worst-case scenarios, Canadian companies would be facing duties of about 5 percent on shipments to American customers, and closer to 3 percent on many auto parts.

.. the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement ..  could significantly expand business opportunities for Canadian companies across oceans.

.. some major Canadian industries have weaned themselves off a near-total reliance on Nafta markets for their exports.

.. British Columbia once sent nearly all of its softwood lumber exports to the United States

.. pork and poultry producer

.. Parts like pig’s feet, which have a relatively small market in North America, can fetch premium prices in Asia.