Ted Cruz Won’t Be Denied

I’d seldom heard a voice as ripe with self-regard — as juicy with it — as his. He’s pomposity’s plum tomato.

.. We continue to underestimate him. He’s even craftier than we appreciated. He’s more devious than we realized.

.. By one calculation, just the super PAC supporting Bush has lavished nearly $25 million on attack ads against Rubio

.. Less than half that amount has been spent on all ads against Cruz, and spending on New Hampshire ads against Rubio since January 1st has been quadruple that of spending on those against Cruz.

.. Cruz is to some extent Santorum’s second coming, but with more guile, more gall, more money and a better organization.

.. two of the bluntest, smartest Republican strategists I know confided to me that while they think the race is still unpredictable, they’d wager on Cruz as their party’s nominee if forced to make a bet.

They cringed as they said it. He appalls them. But he also impresses them. He knows what he’s doing and he’ll do what it takes.