RACIST Cops OWNED By Innocent Man

Two corrupt cops try to arrest a Black man for “suspicious activity” on his own property. The cops try to extract any personal information they can out of the man but fail miserably when they realize that the man knows more about the law than they do. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Hhmm…..I wonder WHY Black people hate cops 👮‍♂️ so much? If only there were some reasons….

Sad to know;
If he wasn’t recording, those facts wouldn’t have meant a damn thing. They definitely would have taken him down, and claimed, disorderly conduct, assault on an officer, and resisting arrest; while lying on the report to cover their clear violation of his rights.

Property owner: “Suspicious of what?”
Cop: “Of being at this property.”

Why are there arrest quotas? Does that mean citizens have crime quotas to reach so police can reach their arrest quotas? All arrest quotas serve to do is fill the contracts quotas with the for profit prisons. They encourage and push crime.

Being suspicious is not a crime or an arrest.

Oh how I loved this, how ever in my experience this leads to decades of retaliation by the police! 40 years ago my father told a cop to get off his property for falsely accusing my 13 year old brother of steeling a 16ft tree ! For the next 20 year our family was harassed by the local police for every tiny little thing while refusing to investigate any brake ins that accrued . 1 time my dad caught a guy in our home called police who showed up and let him go ! At one point Bellevue wanted to lock me up for 1 year for a headlight out !

That’s a secondary charge what is the first charge in order for me to fail to identify again that is a Secondary Charge

Same as the “resisting arrest” charges when they have nothing to arrest them for.

The fact that a lot of black dudes feel like they just scored a game winning touchdown when they successfully exercise their rights should be a big indicator of injustice itself…

‘Just comply with the officer’ they say in the land of the free 🙄