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That cop knew he was caught and stupidly thought he could turn it around for a stupid ass ticket. Ridiculous. Hope something is done about those tryants. And that sign goes right back up. Unfrikenbelivable
This video shows how cops lie with no worries about getting in trouble even with the camera recording them lie. That’s why qualified immunity and police unions need to go. Citizens need more accountability for bad cops.

Cop attacks, unlawfully detains, is out of jurisdiction citing people and doing all sorts of shady stuff, but it’s the citizen who’s being “hostile”. Well, everybody needs to be “hostile” towards these pignorant tyrants.


I love when they call you “confrontational” for “confronting” them for their bs.


“I don’t know what a retaliation ticket is.” Literally every word out of cops is a lie. EVERY. WORD.
Please sue! Totally retaliation and illegal. On a side note; I have never seen a cop so obviously scared. The embarrassment he will recieve from this alone should make him resign. I bet even his boyfriend will dump him over this. But Erie Fam should get PAID!
He needs to press criminal charges on these officers for assault. They attacked him multiple times in the video for no reason. Absolutely disgusting.
Talk about moving the goal post mid-game. 😂
Why, are cops allowed to lie all the time???
Nothing speaks to guilty behavior like destroying evidence —like removing entire city boundary signs.
Obviously it was the police that cut the sign. If it was municipal road maintenance, they would not have left the dangerous and sharp stubs sticking up. Sharp stubs hidden in the vegetation at the end of a sidewalk, perfect for a child to fall on and seriously hurt themselves. Even in construction sites, we put bright orange plastic ‘mushrooms’ over the ends of rebar to prevent injury. This is totally irresponsible and a huge liability issue.
If the cop was so afraid of someone “he doesn’t know” coming up to him, why did he exit his car? This cop is a coward who uses the protection of the state to act tough.
Chestnuts News called and left a message for the Chief of Police of Hamburg. Much to his surprise he actually returned his call. He said that officer Sullivan was completely out of line for
1) sitting outside Hamburg,
2) not de-escalating the situation,
3) writing retaliatory tickets against a journalist who caught him breaking the law.
He said he doesn’t know what happened to the Welcome to Hamburg sign, his investigation will include looking to see if any cameras at area businesses might have caught the sign removal, and in fact he was going there right after his phone call to go out there to see if it got dumped on the side. He said he was going to require officer Sullivan to take remedial training on de-escalation skills as well as making sure other officers are aware of the 100 foot rule (not 100 yards). He said none of his officers should be going outside the city limits unless it’s absolutely necessary. He asked what is going to happen to AEC’s retaliatory ticket and he said he was going to get with the DA to see if they can get it dismissed before court date. He said I have to say I’m really impressed with this Chief. He was open, humble, and he seemed to be honest. He said if he discovered that someone inside the department removed the sign they would be fired and charged with theft.
  • Providing he’s not BSing you
  • Would like a follow-up on this incident and Chief of Police of Hamburg
  • My suggestion is for us not to hold our breaths while we wait for our servant to be true to his word. Just saying…
Cutting down the sign is misprision of evidence. Depose whatever the local equivalent of the public works department is. Someone has committed a felony. They won’t face criminal consequences, but it will cement the city’s civil liability.
A valuable LESSON to ALL AUDITORS in this video is: ALWAYS do a nice, steady, slooow, 360* pan more than once during a video (maybe zoomed in just a little depending on distances involved) of the entire area. WHY? Well in this video, such a careful, clear, slow 360* scan would have clearly cemented WHERE exactly the cop’s car was sitting and which WAY it was facing, WHERE exactly the auditor’s truck was sitting (it could have/should have been parked several feet more away from the road as THERE WAS NO SIDEWALK THERE (who else caught that right away when they headed for his truck?) and it would have clearly shown the CITY LIMIT SIGN existence and location in relation to the cop’s car, the auditor’s truck, etc. Details being recorded OFTEN DO MATTER in these audit videos, and…the camera can only see what it is pointed at and focused on during the recording of the video.
What did you expect for him to do/say, “You’re right, I’m sorry, I’ll move along.?” The police do not have the ability to admit they’re wrong even when they’re on video. It’s Sad, pathetic,
and oh so common! FTP! Keep up the good work my man.
Who’s the “bad cop” here? Answer: It’s the 2 other officers on scene that did nothing to stop and deescalate the unlawful detention. They knew their fellow officer was wrong and they didn’t stop him.
He actually said “sneak up on me”. Broad daylight with a camera… That’s an admission of poor situational awareness. Acting like a tough guy but scared of every citizen interaction. Every department policy claims to be professional and courteous when interacting with the community… I have yet to see this expected behavior from the police.
he is going to leave him in cuffs until he “copsplains and gets him to comply” If the cop thinks everyone he meets is a dangerous person he needs to get a new line of work.
11:00The reason I need your ID is because you were walking in traffic“, he said it – therefore he has to own it. Was he in traffic? I didn’t see it. Hmmm……. yeah, no he’s lying, maybe because it’s starting to dawn on him just how much trouble he’s getting into. Why else would he manufacture BS. IMO there are many cops that still think this is a noble job… yeah, they push that or this line, but they still think it’s respected. What they don’t realize is that the train left the station a few years ago…. that’s over. All you’re doing today is just perpetuating the bad label. Here is another classic case.
I wonder why they removed the sign if they had “clear” jurisdiction? I wonder how the neighboring city feels about the revenue theft on their side? Is this another gang war brewing? So many questions.
How do they even have jurisdiction within 100 feet? This is clearly not “Hot Pursuit”…
This cop knew from the get-go that he was busted. I think that he felt that he could intimidate his way out of the situation, but he failed at that also. He reached into his bag of lies and came up with “Walking in the street, then it was demanding ID for illegally parked. His fellow officers should have put the choke collar on him by then, but that did not happen, so they should be named in the lawsuit as well. This poor excuse for an officer needs to be taken down a few notches and get some mandatory retraining.
He wanted his name to try to get the upper hand. It was like this, “Ok, you know I’m writing tickets outside my jurisdiction, but now you also know that I know who you are”. It was a failed attempt to make AEC think twice about making a big deal about what he found him doing.
That’s such a dangerous hazard they created. I can imagine destroying my legs not seeing the sharp metal sticking up.
Corruption at its finest! 6:40 Assault charges! 2nd assault 8:30 this dude has lost his job and is the reason his town is going to pay out big time. Phone call made…..They hung up on me! Guess they don’t want an explanation on what retaliatory policing is. I didn’t even get to Ask about the Sign 🙁
This dude’s a local hero. Our news media tries to make him look bad. And they just get roasted
what a crooked lil leprechaun. and loved how the auditor stayed on topic. Cop had to push him to make it seem like he was in the road. What a scared little piggy. Had to call for back up to write a ticket? And I might be wrong, but was he illegally park? Looked like an easement to me
I would love to hear a cop tell a judge they have jurisdiction outside their jurisdiction. Maybe it’s time that someone request all car dash cam and look at every ticket they write. Find a bunch of illegal tickets and watch so many others get dismissed, plus being able to ask cops if their fellow officers illegally write ticket and the officers will have to say yes
The most aggressive meter maid I’ve ever seen and he’s a jerk 👎
Something seems illegal when he, the cop, solicited a deal that if the citizen would give up one of his rights then he would take him ‘out of cuffs’.
Just remember, when seconds count, the police are only 77 minutes away.
That is a very good point about them issuing parking tickets all the time and they don’t need anybody’s ID to do it.
The officers that stand by and watch these retaliation actions or join in are every bit as guilty and should be disciplined
Get rid of qualify immunity with solved most of all these incidents. Cops would automatically act better if they had to pay the court fine for breaking the law
Lesson 1
Walking up to a Cop and asking a question is considered “being confrontational” this coming from a man that spends everyday walking up to people and encroaching on them even being grabby at times all i kept hearing from the Cop was I don’t know,,,,this is what someone with a low iq and zero trainning says….Cop clearly needs to go back to trainning,,,,he got lying and thuggery down, now how about juristdictions
If AEC confronted him with lunch and coffee, that wouldn’t be a problem. Instead AEC confronted him with QUESTIONS!! GASP! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Asking questions is anti-police
And this is why I shook the NY dust off my feet and moved to Florida. NY was so corrupt I couldn’t stand living there
Is it possible to call there DOT to see if they cut the sign? If not then report it to the DOT and start an investigation for Vandalism, they should put the sign back up.
1:04 Jumping out of his vehicle in full tactical gear while only on traffic duty tells you everything you need to know about this blue line clown.
“I need your ID to write you a parking ticket,” said no parking enforcement person, ever.
I have no clue why cops thinks moving/removing signs actually changes the official jurisdiction lines. My father was career law enforcement and told me about a particularly dangerous intersection on the very edge of the county. People would often crash into the county line sign. The officers hated having to respond to accidents so far out in the hills, so each time the sign got knocked down they would knowingly reinstall it on the other side of the intersection in an attempt to make the neighboring county have to respond to the next accident. Both counties would move the sign back and forth in an attempt to shirk responding to the accidents. It got to the point neither county knew their actual jurisdiction boundaries.
11:12 their game of demanding id has always been nothing but a power shift. They know full well that they actually have zero lawful authority to go hands on or compel for “violations”….they are hiding behind legislation that they willfully interpret incorrectly because it gives them the backing needed to survive the balance that is their buddy club, the courts. Too bad they didn’t study those oaths before going on their career as a fishing road pirate…
12:06 “Here’s the thing, in the future if you want to come up and talk to me or any other officer, [get ready for a retaliatory ticket and some intimidation tactics because I DO NOT want you to interact with me]”
9:11 “Because of the fact that you’re so hostile with me … [I’m going to ignore all the laws I personally broke and pretend that you’re the problem here].”
Them removing the sign is great for you it proves intent…That’s the hardest element to prove

Man Arrested For Refusing Police Search

Pretty sad that 3 officers, 1 lieutenant, AND the county attorney don’t understand a bench warrant for arrest is NOT a warrant to enter and search private property.


I’m in a civil rights case as I’m watching this video. Once again officers do not have the right to enter any property without a search warrant. A bench warrant is not a search warrant. I had to file a 1983 suit. Why because I was confronted by an overzealous person who has a badge and a sidearm that thinks he can do anything he wants.
Just because you have a “arrest warrant” Doesn’t mean you have a search warrant. You have to physically witness the suspect enter the home. If not, they have no right to enter the house.

Hitting stop on someone else’s recording device should be treated as “destruction of property” and “suppression of evidence”.


Okay, so the lady they were looking for gave them the wrong name and dob. Yet they selectively “believe” her when she gave an address?!?!?! Stupid is as stupid does!!!


When he was on the phone with the supervisor, he even stated that the warrants were body only. Slam dunk lawsuit


The fact these cops can pick locks speaks volumes on who the real criminals are


I’m prior LEO…these cops, this department and the county attorney are complete idiots. The verbiage on the warrant is paramount. No search warrant means no entry. To do so is a blatant…BLATANT…disregard and violation of the 4th amendment. Laws vary from state to state, a little bit. But the Constitution does not. Plain and simple. This was a disgusting display of ignorance of the law in uniform. Disgusting!


I like how the police think it is obstruction to not let them in to your house without a search warrant. Shame on you Texas PD


When a supervisor of a cop tells that cop to “ Do what you need to do”, there is nothing going to happen by procedure and by the book! That is why qualified immunity needs to be gone


It seems like the sheriff’s deputies know that they can’t legally go in, but neither one is man enough to speak up. What this really boils down to is the cop wasn’t going to let someone he considers to be beneath him tell him NO.


There is NOTHING in that warrant that says he can pick locks to gain entry, and I don’t hate the police but this is ridculous
8:15 “You have no legal right!” Officer: “You know how many times we have heard that?” The fact that he acknowledges that they are knowingly violating people’s Constitutional rights should be enough to throw out any type of immunity and state protections.
These cops have been getting away with this for soooo looong that its natural to violate your Rights, skew the law and tell you anything without scrutiny and the judge will ignore any violation of the citizens Rights.
OMG, a textbook example of illegal search and seizure. I hope he connects with a good civil rights lawyer.
Why do cops have control of their body cams? They should record from the moment the officers shift starts till it ends. No muting no turning it off.
Its hard to support the thin blue line when cops do as they please without regard for the law or any repercussions whatsoever.
RICO charges for the cop, the Lt, the attorney and the judge. That cop with the lock picks deserves 20 years and that police department owes the home owner 5 million dollars for violating his civil rights. The county attorney deserves disbarred. We need some zero tolerance policies and mandatory sentencing for bad police work.
I have 1 reason not to let them in. – They didn’t come prepared. Showing up with an arrest warrant does not give them my voluntary consent to search my home. There is a reason there is a difference between a SEARCH warrant and an ARREST warrant. Obstructing an illegal action should not be a criminal action.
So I have a question. How does that officer have a right to pick the lock on that door for a bogus warrant?
I’m a police officer. And all I’m literally yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” as these officers violate the 4th amendment
This is such a violation of this man’s rights and his property…
It’s amazing listening to the cop speak to his sgt purposely leaving details out of the story so it can be escalated for him to get his way and go hands on.
TAKE IT TO FEDERAL COURT IMMEDIATELY! Have them help you fill out the paperwork.If you make under $55,000 a year an attorney will be assigned for FREE to help you fight this case!
The girl could have more warrants than she has years of life. It’s absolutely irrelevant until you have the RIGHT warrant.
This is the same officer that did an illegal search and violated the 4th on the same family before. He needs to be fired. We do not need his kind in law enforcement.
Why would a cop stop his body cam????? because he is about to violate and or kill someone.
I sincerely hope a lawyer with a conscience picks this one up and will fight for justice. When moral decline is so clearly present among those called to serve the community and uphold the law, there is very little hope for a society to thrive and prosper.

Illegal Detainment for Photography – Settlement Reached

Here is the body cam video from my illegal detainment in Pueblo, CO along with the settlement reached.


Settlement –…

Policy Redline –…

Check –…


Original Body Cam Video –…

My Body Cam Video –…

My Livestream –…





This is how ALL other audit videos should look like. The video, the complaint & the outcome of the incident. Great work. 👍
Well done sir! A very thorough job. I may have missed it, but was any disciplinary action taken? My biggest disappointment with disciplinary action, in the rare event that any takes place, is that it focusses solely on the bad cop – it never includes the other cops stood around who, by training, should recognise that the cop is wrong & step in. To me, they are equally guilty by being complicit in his actions. Indeed, if it were the other way round, any of your attending colleagues would no doubt be arrested for conspiracy. Perhaps a small issue in the grand scheme of things, but it really boils my piss.

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That supervisor was an outstanding Leo. Rare in this age.
This is how Auditors should act, at no time did he purposely antagonize the Police Officers and he complied with their orders (he did everything right) – The Auditor has my respect in this instance. I applaud the Supervisor for recognizing the law and respecting the Auditor’s rights, acting like a gentlemen the whole time.
The sad part is the taxpayers pay for their mistakes.
“We didn’t do anything wrong…’s your 41 Grand.”
this should be a training video for every PD and law enforcement in this country! when will they learn?

>> When it’s taken from their paychecks instead of the taxpayers

Beautifulllllll…..more valuable than the Cash is the POLICY CHANGE…..well done Bro….thanks for your Patriotic Service…im a new Sub.
Finally….someone who ignores the cop
I’d like to compliment the supervisor for knowing the law. Immediately he schooled the cop who arrested you. But he also handled it professionally. Another example that there are good and knowledgeable officers on out there. That makes me happy!
Congrats… it’s great to see that Leo’s are held accountable and that policies need to be changed. It would better great to take a few of these wins and present them to other city councils in that area or state to see if they can encourage a policy review for other depts and their training on how to handle public videography.
The fact the police all over the globe truly believe that the buildings for public interest, made with tax payer money, are privately owned by the government as if it’s a military installation is like believing in Santa Claus.
THIS is what we need to see more of! No violence, illegal detainment, and final settlement. Thankyou for sharing, especially policy changes. Knowledge is EVERYTHING!!!!
Congratulations on the settlement. This is Police 101. Reasonable Articulable Suspision. He didn’t have charge the first and still cuffed and detained you. They had this loss coming.
Great job Sir. I enjoy this type of video and information. You held your cool. I have seen quite a few videos that kind of disturb me, where the Auditor try’s to antagonize those who have stopped them. Congratulations on the video and you were settlement.
You more than deserve it this win. Good job to the supervisor for being so honest up front. He is the kind of officer we need. This money is a lesson to the town for the rest of us taxpayers rights also. Education. Thank you
It would have been nice if the police depts would do away with department POLICIES and follow constitutional law instead.
Was that dumb cop saying “and I’m fine with that” to the supervisor in reference to picture taking? if he’s fine with that, why did he get physical, then proceed to shackle the man? Did he realize he screwed up while talking to the superior and say that in an attempt to downplay what he did and seem less hostile? How is it possible for a cop to be unaware of so-called auditors?
My 2 cents: holding a camera, having an internet presence, or being an activist shouldn’t matter. Police must stop detaining citizens illegally during their fishing trips. I’m very happy this auditor has made a change but do we all have to live stream our daily activity to ensure police won’t violate our rights?
Supervisor recognized you, knew exactly what you were doing and what your YouTube handle was. It would have been nice if he’d shared his knowledge with the rest of his department before it cost the Pueblo taxpayers $41,000.00.
When you see videos of this type, you really begin to understand the long term damage the 911 hijackers have done.
The changes in the policy itself makes this a big win…good job my man!
I had seen the original video but not this followup – holy shit their policy before Red-Lines was completely a violation of rights – I feel bad for officers that had such poor guidance to follow.
Seizure policy is horrible, it has a carve out to allow police to seize recordings without a warrant, by stating that they must secure a warrant within 72 hours of the seizure which already happened WITHOUT a warrant.
Most of these videos I have seen, YOU (the First Amendment auditor) expect to be treated with the utmost respect but you treat the officers like dirt. This auditor, when approached in what I would consider to be a non-confrontational manner by the officer and greeted in a non-aggressive way, instead of answering a simple question which would probably have resulted in the officer talking to you for a brief period of time, you turned your back and began walking away. Your reaction was that of somebody who may have been committing a crime or considering committing a crime, which would understandably raise certain suspicions in the officers mind. A simple “I am taking some pictures” response may have been enough to send the officer on his way without further incident. In my opinion, YOU were the one who escalated the situation to what it became. Was handcuffing you wrong? It was an over reaction but I believe your being courteous may have gone a long way to preventing that.
It’s fair that they would reach a settlement, though – can’t detain someone when there’s been no report of a crime nor any reason to suspect one, and it’s pretty blatant that there hasn’t been. Cops can stop you for questioning but they can’t really detain you or stop you from leaving when there’s no lawful reason to do so.
Nice job. However, that would be considered and arrest under the law and court precedent. Not a simple detainment. People need to research this and understand it. Hope that helps.
It must be mentioned that when the senior officer arrived, and listened to the vacuous explanation given to him by the arresting officer, as to why an innocent citizen was In cuffs, he seemed well aware of the 1st amendment auditing community and there “strike force”, which makes me wonder why the hell he hadn’t taught the officers under his command to leave auditors alone. That shows that his leadership is poor, and that he underestimated the impact an auditor could have on his department, both financially and in terms of negative publicity, if they illegally detained citizens. The arresting officer, like the majority of cops in the US, had an IQ that would struggle to reach room temperature in a heatwave. He is the kind of cop who would be struck dumb if you asked him to name the top five authors of the books he’s read in recent years. Or if you asked him to name a county beginning with a U. He enforces his emotions and ego not the laws , which he forgot about half an hour after he graduated from the academy. The only way to officially win in the battle to return America to “ THE LAND OF THE FREE “ is to make law enforcement pay in hard cash and to force them to rewrite there policy out of shame. You achieved this and more, which is as rare as rocking horse shit. I congratulate you for all the people fighting to maintain there rights under the law and bill of rights. “ Make America free again”
I live in Pueblo and recently they have been using excessive force way beyond what it ever was
The supervisor knew who you were immediately. He is probably a long time subscriber. Makes you wonder how many cops around the country trying to do the right thing look for videos like this.
There is only one thing I would want to see added to the list of changes: Any officer who sees a fellow officer violating these rules MUST IMMEDIATELY release the subject, or face the same consequences (suspension up to termination) as the offending officer”. This will prevent instances such as 1:55 “Can you tell this officer to take his hands off me and to uncuff me?” “No, I don’t want to tell him anything”.
The $ is OK but the policy changes are as they should be. Congrats.
Good for you!!!! The monetary portion is just to hit the pockets a little so they don’t do it to someone else. what’s HuGE is the policy update. Must feel nice to have this completed
Making the constitution respected. Thank you sir
im working with Texas lawmakers to have all police officers have their own personal liability insurance policy
Wow.. that was a fast payout. I can’t say that I wouldn’t take the money.. but by u accepting the settlement, the party responsible faces NO legal consequences for their actions. You probably could have got charges pressed against him and filed a civil suit had u not settled. Either way, maybe this department learned a valued lesson. Nice work 👍

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Good follow through. The cops probably would have paid more for some consulting firm and studies to CONSIDER those changes had you not filed suit. Maybe you actually saved them money! 😇
“I got one in custody here”..what did he do? “Take a picture in public”…do these guys not understand how ridiculous this is? Beyond ridiculous..
The cuffing ociffer says “I’m fine with that” when the supervisor explained what was going on but yet apprehends and detains a man taking pictures from a public sidewalk and ignoring his unlawful commands. So he’s fine with nabbing a citizen and cuffing them for something he is “fine with” them doing. Any 8th grader can pass the test required for civil service, law enforcement and military employment. No useful intellectual skills required.
The funny part is that most of their ” new policy” is already covered under the 1st amendment. It was already legal to record from public places, so what makes anyone think this is going to change anything. They were violating the rights of people already, nothing will change with this piece of paper.
Perfect. I agree with the general purpose of police auditors, but I see too many being overly aggressive and rude just for the sake of a video. Very well done in this case.
This was pure ego. He didn’t like the fact that you ignored him so he put you in handcuffs, prioritizing his feelings over the law. These are the kind of cops that need to be weeded out. He unmasked himself as a tyrant when he told you that you weren’t in control Even though you hadn’t done anything to suggest you were or were about to commit a crime. How hard is it to learn the constitution And prioritize rights over personal feelings?

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I have said time and time again. And will say it till something is done about law enforcement today. In this day and age ( as the cops always say ) we no longer have police that protect and serve. We don’t even have law enforcement. What we have is ego tripping out of control bullies with guns and badges ,that use gestapo tactics on the public that pay them. The police are no longer professional officers. They are gang members out to get you . And they wonder why there is a disconnect with the police and the public.. Always record the police, you just may save a life.

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5:19 I love how Romero said he’s fine with what the auditor was doing. WTF?!!! Why cuff him then asshole? Is it because your authority got challenged and your feelings were hurt when he didn’t want to talk to you?
Why do police officers always react so aggressive when someone has a camera
If this comes from the insurance policy it may raise their premiums or they would just keep asking for more money or write more tickets. Another thing is if more people do this and take it to court the cops and judicial system would get bogged down so much they would ask for a raise or just stop harassing because it is not worth it. Good job filming keep them accountable.
I believe the $41,000 is paid by their insurance company, I would think that the insurance companies would take a closer look at why they pay out for false arrest so often, because they certainly do when someone gets a number of traffic tickets.
Although taxpayers pay these are still the most satisfying videos. Cops should have to pay at least a portion of all settlements even if its 5%.
i just wish the offending cop would pay a fraction of the settlement from his own pocket this would make all these cops think a little harder before putting their hands on people
What’s up with Colorado? this is the second time I have seen them payout $41,000 to an auditor who was illegally detained, why not all the other states, do they have outside insurance? if so how do we get all the other states to get insurance?
I bet they won’t make that mistake again. Blame the captain for that loss. He should of briefed his officers about 1st amendment auditors. The changes are exactly what these auditors are achieving and teaching us all the rights that we have as civilians when dealing with cops. Nice job.
Cops need to be put in their place big time. Some cops I know are ok. But a majority of them are not.
>> None are ok. So long as they stand there are watch it happen and do nothing to stop it, they are just as guilty.
The backup cop looks like he really doesn’t approve of his partner.
And there you have it , one of the reasons why taxpayers taxes are increased on a national basis or maybe I could be wrong.

>> Get the supreme court to repeal qualified immunity and the cops will be on the hook themselves

If that officer wasn’t wearing the body camera… IDK if the supervisor would’ve been so quick to let you go. Did no one else notice the supervisor look at the body camera (5:12)?
It sucks the supervisor knew who you were already, but it took a court settlement to change policy on how they address the public
The supervisor looked down to chick if the officer’s camera is on or not, then when he sow it on he decided to follow the rules
That’s stupid. The supervisor was very familiar with this first amendment audit movement and didn’t inform his officers about it.
Seems Colorado is among the easier states to get any settlement from wrongdoings by the police… Other states’ prosecutors would go bonkers and file any made up charges to get some kind of conviction. Oh,, plus shop for judges.
Most police officers are not educated enough to do there job properly. In this case I believe the city should pay for this mistake, not the officer. Money is the end all, so when you begin taking away $. The politicans start giving a damn. This means they will begin educating there officers and firing the officers who don’t give a damn. I really like this auditor, because he knows when to not talk.
Have you ever been to Pueblo? It is a run-down, dirty desert snakepit. So it is no surprise that the Pueblo cops use heavy-handed tactics.
So many will say you won a lot of money. So many have NO idea how much the attorney fees kept before you saw a single penny. They mostly believe that was all your to keep. But I am happy you stood up for your values and not for how little money you would POSSIBLY get. Stress eat up any money you made a long time back. So your fight was the real payment in my eyes.
Auditors are cancer, not experts on the law. They research specific laws and rehearse before they go out and bait police officers by doing something out of the ordinary and weird looking. If they’re lucky, they make a quick buck by doing it and potentially ruining someone’s career. It’s an officers job to know the law I agree, but they’re not lawyers. If something wrongful happens to you by a cop then take it to court, don’t bait a police officer it’s disgusting and pathetic. By the way, the money came from the tax payers, so drop the “we the people” act.
The officer with rank that didnt intervene should lose his rank
my rights have been violated for 30 year’s.. I’m going to start video recording every stop
If that supervisor knew the photographer was acting within his rights, why didn’t all the department know? Where was the training? Ignorant assholes is what they are. I hope this guy wins a huge lawsuit. [EDIT] I see that at the end they did win. Good for them! AND, there will be LESS of these kinds of stops in the future, which is a huge win.
In the Philippines, we don’t need SUPERVISOR to know what to do even our PO1 (POLICE OFFICER1) knows that he done nothing wrong. If Americans think that we have different law and policies, well guess what, we adopt from your own.
What irks me is how the ‘Corporal’ didnt know crap. Thats the scond cop that showed up and just assisted in the illegal detainment. In the Army, Corporal is one higher than a Private. I guess it holds true in the police dept.
Handcuffing someone is too nonchalant these days
Oh I remember this horse’s a$$.
Escalation, retaliation, lie, entrap, harass, cover up, plant evidence, murder, rape murder abuse and traffic children, blue wall of silence, extort, intimidate, violate, manipulate, fabricate, incarcerate. That’s how some police “protect and serve” in “this day and age”.
I don’t use attorney for this crap I represent myself and get all the Money
Very educational moment. I wonder if police would have meet a mute person. Because if I was mute the police would have a problem communicating. I wonder if this police officer meets a camera what he would do.
It was at 1:37 that Officer Romero knew he fucked up…btw this is the right way to respond ymto an illegal detainment don’t argue or get physical he can get you for disorderly conduct or assaulting a police officer
I get you have “rights”….but why????? Why are you taking pics – sole reason is to cause conflict /engage an officer so you can make some money?!? We live in a CRAZY, CRAZY world FULL of people who want to cause harm to others – who’s to say that you aren’t one of them?? I’m all about our rights as citizens – but what you were doing was just CREEPY AND SUSPICIOUS!!! Those PO’s could have been doing somethjng more meaningful that dealing with your skinny ass!! One of these days, you might need those officers – I hope they remember you and take their “sweet time” showing-up!!

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Have the cops heard of Google Earth?
Being arrested for what Google has already done.
Why are u messing with the Cops in pueblO? My advise is go home, legally enjoy the recreational weed you can buy. Enjoy the fact you can Smoke in your house and not worry about being arrested
You’ll sound smarter if you say detention not detainment.
>> Detention is locked up. Detainment is holding you for a so called investigation. 🇺🇸
He baited that cop. If he had ANY background on terrorism awareness then you wouldn’t do this shit. For all they knew you could of been planning a terrorist attack. Its pretty pathetic when you have ZERO knowledge on terrorist activities. Shame on that fool.
>> Thinking someone “might do something” doesnt give you the right to assault and kidnap them


Veteran Arrested for Sitting on a Bench

Imagine loosing a legal argument on every level to a completely drunk man while you’re the police lmao


The fact that the department defended this cop’s actions shows exactly why cops cannot be allowed to police themselves.
If he can call himself an Uber and wait for that Uber calmly in the middle of the night, he is basically a model of how you should act when you drink.
VET: “I’m waiting for my Uber” COP: “Cool, man, I’ll just hang out and chat with you until it gets here. How was your night?” It could have been that easy.
“You’re intoxicated in public” Literally sitting outside a bar, waiting on a ride You can’t even be responsible and not drive drunk anymore. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Clearly a military vet with PTSD who drank until the bar closed. Really… we don’t need Sherlock to get to the bottom of this case.. the police questioning is embarrassing to watch.
apart from mass surveillance, I can see no reason how knowing this mans name or seeing his ID would assist police in doing their job in this situation.
I like how the “closed business” is a bar with a handy bench in front for exactly this purpose and its suspicious to use it exactly as intended.
Let me get this straight… An obvious customer at a bar that recently closed, who is sitting on a bench waiting for his Uber ride, has broken the law because he’s drunk waiting for his Uber ride? We’ve clearly removed “free” from our “Land of the free” slogan. Don’t tell those officers how many people walk out of bars intoxicated and catch Uber rides, they’ll be in for a shocker.
Mr James gets an A+, because although he was clearly very drunk, he managed to remain cool and collected. He was more reasonable than this police officer harassing him for doing absolutely nothing.
“you’re intoxicated in public… at a closed business, in a high crime area” very nice of the officer to list his three different unlawful justifications.
“You’re a danger to yourself.” Yes. He certainly appeared that way while sitting quietly on a bench.
Cop: “I don’t think, I don’t think you’re making good choices” Vet: “I’m waiting on my Uber which is the best choice… the worst choice would’ve been driving” How is a drunk man making more sense than a completely sober cop 🤡🤣🤣
“You can’t call an Uber that’s not how it works.” As if “Calling an Uber” isn’t how literally everyone says it
He’s clearly drunk but he makes 100x more sense than the cop.
This exact situation with cops happened to my neighbor and after he got home from his Uber ride, he looked online for a good lawyer and sued the police department for $78,990.00 and he won his case. This guy needs to lawyer up. This is an easy win.
He’s literally done everything perfectly. Quietly minding his own business and waiting on a ride after drinking. He should have been praised by the officers
I worked in Scotland for a few years. I was so drunk one night I fell down and couldn’t get up. A cop picked me up and gave me a lift home and made sure I got inside OK. American cops need to be re-trained across the board. They’re here to help us.
I’m continually embarrassed for the cops in your videos. Its remarkable how many stops are made with little to no illegal activity being done.
The police caused a lot of harm here. Respect to the guy for calling an Uber instead of driving himself and respect for being so patient and calm with such unprofessional police
The hate for cops is never going to stop, because of officers like this one,
Officer: “We can do this one of two ways, sir.” Reply: “You can either respect my rights or you can be sued for not respecting my rights.”
For sitting on a bench in a country he fought for and served! Wow! That should grind anyone’s gears, man. 🇺🇸
Back in my day the cop would offered you a ride home or called you a cab. Now today it’s show me your papers. We used to make fun of the communist countries of this, but now here we are
When an intoxicated man destroys your legal arguments when you’re a police officer, it’s time to find a new profession.
“Calling an Uber” is a colloquialism for hailing, or ordering a ride. I’ve used the term “calling” for an Uber while sober. That cop is a joke. Not to mention, when the drive confirms the trip, you can actually call them, which I’ve also done numerous times.
Watching and listening to these police officers so called doing their job, makes me completely understand why the majority of Americans distrust and treat them with hostility. This episode could have been so different and the officers could have come away with loads of kudos and admiration. Instead, they come across demonstrably as wankers.
Don’t drink and drive” Ok, I’ll call an Uber “Oh a wise guy eh? Cuff em”
“I don’t think you are making good choices.” -Cop, speaking to man who made the choice to take an Uber while intoxicated.
“I have no idea who you are or what you are doing. It’s my job to find out.” That is the most horrifying thing to have crawled out of that officer’s mouth. No joke, get defunded.
You watch enough of these videos you start to see why people are fearful and angry at “law” enforcement. It doesn’t provide the slightest bit of trust in them or anyone who supports them.
A good cop would be like: – I’ll just stay here until your uber arrives, making sure that you are safe. End of story.
“thank you for your service” as the cop proves that the freedoms the guy put his life on the line to defend barely exist any more.
I was drunk in Australia in my youth in a very similar position when the police pulled up. I told them I was waiting for a taxi, they offered me a lift home, I accepted and had an awesome free ride home.
Officer: “sir you cant even walk” Well maybe thats why he was sitting down
“We can do this one of two ways, sir.” “We can do this one of many ways.” One of the two of them understands how physics works, at least.
U heard it straight from the cops mouth, it’s “his job to find out who everyone is and what their business in the area is.” Not to stop and prevent crimes. Not to help assist and serve the public.
the fact these cops’ partners almost always dont see anything wrong with whats happening is concerning
Thank God the cops got there just in time to stop this man and his uber driver from carrying out their heinous crimes. Everyone knows the most the violent crimes start off with a veteran sitting on a bench minding his own business. You’re not fooling anybody with your acting drunk and respectful demeanor. We’ve all watched Rambo!
This makes me mad, especially when we all know cops invest time and money into inventing “feel good” stories to clean up their image. They have ample opportunities every day to make a positive impact, but so often they turn something that should have been an obvious opportunity to express good will and public service into a drama that only gets them more bad publicity. He should have just sat with him until the Uber arrived, but instead he had to go on a power trip.
“Is there anyone sober who can come get you?” “MY UBER DRIVER!”
And cops wonder why people have so much reserved anger towards them! This is wrong in so many levels!
Gotta love the fact that cops don’t even have to know the laws they “enforce”
As taught in the police academy, if you have contact with anybody, they are to be arrested, convicted and sent to prison. It’s scary these cops are actually allowed to carry guns.
thing really irked me about this. He said at the end, “You said you ‘called’ an uber. You can’t call an uber.” That really is a blatant attempt at criminalizing everything about the ordeal, like the narrator said. That really ticked me off cuz I’d want to be like, “What are you some kind of genius?? It’s an expression! You don’t ‘order’ an uber. Stop pretending not to understand common language just so you could justify your nonsense suspicions.”
I’ve always wondered what imaginary Fantasyland these cops live in because a logical person would see that he’s waiting for an Uber in front of a bar that he’s drunk and he’s doing the responsible thing but I think cops are mad that people are being responsible now
The argument that “he couldn’t take care of himself” makes absolutely no sense, when despite being drunk he had the ability to make the appropriate decision of calling an Uber for a ride instead of driving under the influence.
Bro he’s asking a drunk man dumb questions so he can incriminate his self. Just sitting there bothering no one, making the best decision of getting a ride 🤦‍♂️
The amount of CRIME going down in the US and this muppet wants to target someone doing nothing. I thought the US was a free country, apparently not. And if being intoxicated in public is an offence then that officer needs to get ALL bars shut down immediately.
Everytime I watch these videos it opens my eyes to see why people want to defund the police…now that is just plain stupid, but there needs to be an accountability to people like this. I won’t use the word officer, because that is a word of respect. These people don’t deserve or get that word from me.
I’ve been trying to justify some of the cops actions in these videos and try see it from their point of view but I think its impossible I give up at this video.
The butt-hurt that ensued when homie pulls out his camera is on another level. Straight up cuffs my dude.
You know there’s something wrong with society when the citizens know the law better than the people who are supposed to uphold it and we weren’t even taught it in school we had to learn it ourselves they were taught in school
Cops like these always ask why the public is losing trust in them and it’s things like this that screw up public relations. I want to have cops back but they just make it so hard…
He pulls out the cuffs the moment the man gets his phone recording, this definitely seems retaliatory for the act of filming. This officer was power tripping over a drunk man minding his own business.
8:29 Officer – “I have no idea who you are or what you’re doing, and it’s my job to find out.” This officer literally doesn’t know what his job responsibilities are.
I love when they know they’re wrong so they pedantic. “You can’t CALL an Uber, thats not how it works”. Like buddy you know what he means
He did not authorize them to check his phone, he was forced to do it while being handcuffed and on the back of a patrol.
The officer could have said “oh, that’s cool man. I’ll wait with you since this is a high crime area and the business is closed” or even “oh hey, if they’ll be awhile, I can just give you a ride home.” But hey, the officer had to be a douchenozzle.
Guilty until proven innocent. I love how most cops have no idea about the laws they try to uphold. The US police force has the least amount of training out of any other country in the world. We NEED to fix this.
The more I watch these videos it just gets my blood boiling it’s insane almost like it was Nazi Germany, Cops need to calm down not everyone’s the bad guy. I thank this man for not drinking and driving !!!
Reminds me of sitting on a park bench on Manhattan one afternoon with one of my knees up, as my ankles had some venous stasis from standing all day In the heat. A huge officer yelled at me to take my knee down from the bench like I was some criminal. I took it down, but my face probably revealed my shock in how he treated me. As he walked away, he suddenly stopped and turned around, hoping to catch me putting my knee back up. If I had put it up, I’m sure he would have arrested me, as he was that angry. Total abuse of power.
Cops like this give honest cops who actually serve the public and uphold the law properly a bad name.
I like how this cop claims he was being reasonable with him. Sure if it was 1980, and we were in the soviet union.
It seems that often a cop gets angry on a personally level when their authority is questioned, even if they have exceeded it. They then go out of their way to abuse their power to teach the public a lesson. Its not very professional.
This cop is not doing his job. He is assaulting a law abiding citizen. “I was trying to be reasonable with you”. This was just an ego trip gone wrong.
Veteran gets an A++ He did the right thing and never showed anger or threats. Officer escalated the whole situation.
Love how the cop asked to see the Uber receipt one time, literally, kept implying as if he asked him 100 times
It’s such a shame that officers are wasting their time with this, when there are gangs causing trouble all around the town.
He broke the worst law you can break, he argued with a cop. The cop even says, I wanted to talk with you and all you did was argue with me. That’s really what got him cuffed. These cops have such egos they wind up breaking the law to satisfy their ego.
The Wheat Ridge police department issued a self-serving explanation of what happened which was untruthful and deceptive. How can we trust cops when this kind of stuff happens?
No. “Guy arrested for sitting on a bench”, him being a veteran has no bearing on the interaction, nor should it. He has the same rights as every other citizen.
About 2 seconds into the interaction, before he knows anything about the guy; “This can go one of two ways”. Yeah pretty obvious this dude only became a cop so he could attach some actual power to his giant ego
To me a big thing is that I imagine a lot of cops go their entire careers not meeting one person willing to stand up for their rights, and when they do their behavior is sometimes symptomatic with what the cops see because of their experiences as someone who’s actually up to no good. So I think that a big part of preventing things is going to also be showing people to educate themselves and not allow themselves to be walked all over.
every cop ever: I need to confirm your identity for no justifiable reason informed citizen: no thanks, I haven’t done anything cop: i’m going to need backup, this person has assaulted my pride.
nice. so glad the police are protecting and serving me from this peaceful intoxicated man trying to get an uber home. he was CLEARLY a threat to himself and others……sure
They use that “danger to oneself and to others” in florida and i’ve seen them use it just for simply having a disagreement or because of gossip they heard.
10:15 Cop: “ Is there anybody sober that can come get you?” Yea.. the urber driver if you let me leave!! Cops are a pain in the ass.
The one constant in all these videos with police interactions is the cops ego’s. This man told you he’s waiting for an Uber so you escalate with the man then want to throw him in the drunk tank. How is any of that the human thing to do? The man said he’s waiting for an Uber and you threatened to put him in the drunk tank, then you bully him and unlawfully search his phone.
He’s just sitting there….MENNACINGLY!

Cops keep pulling him over, and their reasons are increasingly bizarre

Shortly after our story aired on how police put LA resident Daniel Alvarez in handcuffs for a bogus traffic violation, he was pulled over again for allegedly switching lanes without signaling. In this episode of PAR, we explore the continued use of questionable traffic stops to harass people like Daniel, and what these troubling tactics say about the state of American policing across the country.

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Is It Okay To Defend Against An Unlawful Attack From A Cop?

Original video credit…

This is what happens when cops are not held accountable for their illegal actions and violent behaviour !!!

NEVER open your door to a cop. Make them show you a warrant first.

Cops NEVER see cops as a “viable threat”. This is a technicality that will be used against you in a court of law. You would have to spend a fortune in legal fees in order to gain any leverage.

I wish James would’ve asked “what if they aren’t allowing me close my door at 1am in the morning”. He did ask “if a cop was trying to illegally enter the home….”. But the sheriff’s answer may have been different if asked about not allowing the homeowner shut their door.

This is blatant harassment and it’s all on video. Charge the cops and use the video. Game over. These dirty bullies must be held accountable. Minable time ( 6 months behind bars. )

Would love to hear sheriff Grady’s opinion of this video, seeing that be loves to be on camera. He brags about putting his own deputies in jail for breaking the law, and this video is a perfect example of his deputies breaking the law. What say you sheriff?

James, there’s a video out there showing the 50 going OVER a locked farm gate, along with a sign of no tresspassing, and getting into a shootout with the homeowner. The homeowner was charged and convicted. Even though the dash cam of the cops car shows him climbing over the locked fence. The cop did not have a warrant…he was trespassing on the property illegally but the homeowner was convicted. This video does not do your watchers justice.

It only takes a single court case to set precedence that it’s ok.

Imagine what would happen if they didn’t have a camera!!!!

Make enough noise at the department depicted in this video and those employees will probably go elsewhere. Best way to hurt rotten public services is in their pockets and their resources. As much as physical violence is the most satisfying response, psychological incapacitation will keep you from ending up in prison.

Whether your on the right or left, I would hope you would agree with James on this. Police are abusing their power and are very rarely held to account for their actions. Just because someone wears a badge doesn’t make them a bastion for good. Law enforcement has done a poor job of rooting out the bad cops. The blue code of silence only protects the bad cops. Great job on the video James!

1:30 in the morning at my house, in my neighborhood, those cops would be out numbered and under armed in seconds. They would not think for more than a few seconds about “officer safety” before the situation was realized that they are way past that scenario!

Main point here. A civilian entering your home illegally can be defended against. If it cops doing the same thing it’s a grey area. Better to be abel to prove it she said. Double standard right there. Cops are above the law.

Outward opening doors are great for hurricanes and door kicks… But once open, too easy to hold open.

“We have over aggressive, gung ho, cops. They’re young and want to get their guy. More power to em.” Really? You’re proud of that? That’s terrifying😢

You guys are more patient than I am after the 2nd time this happened I wouldn’t even enter the door door I don’t know what else to say just can’t believe it

I knew they were going to grab him the minute he tried to close the door they were just waiting, I am sorry I would have been going to jail you are not going to stick your foot in my door and not leave.

I would like to see the settlement the city or state will have to pay out on this case because it was 150% illegal and the officers invoved should be charged fired and put on the Brady list so they cant become officers elsewhere

When people settle out of court no precedents can be set

> Laws and precedent mean nothing in a system where the rulers are immune to the law.


James i have a question, why do cops want your ID even when they know you have nothing going on with you they can lock you up for? Why? I dont understand

> They want to be able to ID whoever they want. It allows them to check for warrants and get your name on a report, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. Helps them build a background and keep tabs on you. Some officers are even willing to lie and tell you you HAVE to ID even when they know don’t. Some are just ignorant of the law. Either way, they are trying to violate your 4th amendment right. That’s why it’s so important for people to know their rights

> Power and precieved authoritay. Do as I say,. I’m trained knuckle dragger on roids

One thing I learned no one says you have to answer the door when someone’s knocking or open it.
Do not open your door. “I have nothing to say. Do you have a warrant?” Should be the only words heard out of your mouth. I have nothing to say talk to my attorney. That’s it.
As always never open the door, if they say they have a warrant tell them to put it somewhere outside so you can retrieve it with them backed away, as the cop did once they put there foot in that door it’s over…. I hope the family gets paid, end qualified immunity, cops have to carry personal insurance like doctors…
External doors should always open inwards. That way, someone has to cross the threshold to block the door. The cop would have to “enter” the house in order to keep the door open.
Thank you so much for doing this video. In my country police would be punished more severly for this illegal activity than “private citizen”
The bad thing about those arrest even though they were dismissed is that stays on your record
James, thanks for doing a video about Polk county and Grady Judd. I used to live in Polk and I’m a right of center conservative libertarian who owns guns and is a staunch believer in the constitution and the 2A bigtime. That said, Grady Judd and LE in POLK are not good guys, they regularly violate people’s constitutional rights that they claim to care so much about, they love to lie to people and target them and throw the book at people for minor stupid things that they could simply ignore or write a ticket for. The problem is most people in Polk think because he goes on tv and beats his chest Grady is some kind of right wing hero, there truth is the total opposite. From what I’ve seen, he care’s more about locking up middle-class college kids who have a little bit of marijuana and aren’t bothering anybody and ruining their lives and making money on the deal than catching murderers or rapists. He and his deputies get away with what they do because no one ever takes him and his dept. to task for it. FYI his deputies don’t wear body cams, if they’re so honorable and do everything above boards why wouldn’t they want to wear them, what do they have to hide? Thanks for what you do, please don’t let Grady Judd and his dept. off the hook, please keep scrutinizing them and keep the heat up, there’s a lot of real criminals in Polk who are getting away with real crime and a lot of ordinary people being victimized by Polk LE.

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It can be and it can’t be, if the police have probable cause like they’re in pursuit of an active criminal and see him/her go in a house they don’t need a search warrant.