Cops lied to put him in handcuffs, but a camera caught the truth!

A Los Angeles man says he was targeted by police after he was pulled over for crossing a line in front of a stop sign; but after placing him in handcuffs and arresting the passenger in his car, a recording cellphone caught the real reason cops pulled him over.

Video caught a cop making an illegal arrest, but he was just getting started

Prosecutors caught a Baltimore cop making an illegal arrest on body cam, prompting a lengthy investigation. Their findings lead to a major indictment, so will the police department release the rest of the evidence?



If police body camera footage isn’t being reviewed regularly, then that means that police are working without supervision.

Look at all the good cops stopping his bad behavior. Oh no they just help him out. I hope this cop takes his charge like a man. This is how organizational culture is built. Sergeant does it and bosses don’t say anything I’m guessing that’s what they want.


Man Arrested For Refusing Police Search

Pretty sad that 3 officers, 1 lieutenant, AND the county attorney don’t understand a bench warrant for arrest is NOT a warrant to enter and search private property.


I’m in a civil rights case as I’m watching this video. Once again officers do not have the right to enter any property without a search warrant. A bench warrant is not a search warrant. I had to file a 1983 suit. Why because I was confronted by an overzealous person who has a badge and a sidearm that thinks he can do anything he wants.
Just because you have a “arrest warrant” Doesn’t mean you have a search warrant. You have to physically witness the suspect enter the home. If not, they have no right to enter the house.

Hitting stop on someone else’s recording device should be treated as “destruction of property” and “suppression of evidence”.


Okay, so the lady they were looking for gave them the wrong name and dob. Yet they selectively “believe” her when she gave an address?!?!?! Stupid is as stupid does!!!


When he was on the phone with the supervisor, he even stated that the warrants were body only. Slam dunk lawsuit


The fact these cops can pick locks speaks volumes on who the real criminals are


I’m prior LEO…these cops, this department and the county attorney are complete idiots. The verbiage on the warrant is paramount. No search warrant means no entry. To do so is a blatant…BLATANT…disregard and violation of the 4th amendment. Laws vary from state to state, a little bit. But the Constitution does not. Plain and simple. This was a disgusting display of ignorance of the law in uniform. Disgusting!


I like how the police think it is obstruction to not let them in to your house without a search warrant. Shame on you Texas PD


When a supervisor of a cop tells that cop to “ Do what you need to do”, there is nothing going to happen by procedure and by the book! That is why qualified immunity needs to be gone


It seems like the sheriff’s deputies know that they can’t legally go in, but neither one is man enough to speak up. What this really boils down to is the cop wasn’t going to let someone he considers to be beneath him tell him NO.


There is NOTHING in that warrant that says he can pick locks to gain entry, and I don’t hate the police but this is ridculous
8:15 “You have no legal right!” Officer: “You know how many times we have heard that?” The fact that he acknowledges that they are knowingly violating people’s Constitutional rights should be enough to throw out any type of immunity and state protections.
These cops have been getting away with this for soooo looong that its natural to violate your Rights, skew the law and tell you anything without scrutiny and the judge will ignore any violation of the citizens Rights.
OMG, a textbook example of illegal search and seizure. I hope he connects with a good civil rights lawyer.
Why do cops have control of their body cams? They should record from the moment the officers shift starts till it ends. No muting no turning it off.
Its hard to support the thin blue line when cops do as they please without regard for the law or any repercussions whatsoever.
RICO charges for the cop, the Lt, the attorney and the judge. That cop with the lock picks deserves 20 years and that police department owes the home owner 5 million dollars for violating his civil rights. The county attorney deserves disbarred. We need some zero tolerance policies and mandatory sentencing for bad police work.
I have 1 reason not to let them in. – They didn’t come prepared. Showing up with an arrest warrant does not give them my voluntary consent to search my home. There is a reason there is a difference between a SEARCH warrant and an ARREST warrant. Obstructing an illegal action should not be a criminal action.
So I have a question. How does that officer have a right to pick the lock on that door for a bogus warrant?
I’m a police officer. And all I’m literally yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” as these officers violate the 4th amendment
This is such a violation of this man’s rights and his property…
It’s amazing listening to the cop speak to his sgt purposely leaving details out of the story so it can be escalated for him to get his way and go hands on.
TAKE IT TO FEDERAL COURT IMMEDIATELY! Have them help you fill out the paperwork.If you make under $55,000 a year an attorney will be assigned for FREE to help you fight this case!
The girl could have more warrants than she has years of life. It’s absolutely irrelevant until you have the RIGHT warrant.
This is the same officer that did an illegal search and violated the 4th on the same family before. He needs to be fired. We do not need his kind in law enforcement.
Why would a cop stop his body cam????? because he is about to violate and or kill someone.
I sincerely hope a lawyer with a conscience picks this one up and will fight for justice. When moral decline is so clearly present among those called to serve the community and uphold the law, there is very little hope for a society to thrive and prosper.