The government murdered Fred Hampton. Will it ever be held accountable?

Flint Taylor and Jeff Haas, co-founders of the People’s Law Office in Chicago, were the lead lawyers in the landmark case that exposed the FBI’s involvement in the assassination of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. While that case was settled nearly 40 years ago, newly revealed documents show that the conspiracy to murder Hampton and cover up evidence of government involvement goes deeper than most ever imagined. In this special episode of “Rattling the Bars,” Eddie Conway talks with Taylor and Haas about their decades-long battle for the truth, the government’s continued surveillance and persecution of dissenters, and the ongoing fight for justice and accountability.

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These two gentlemen have been heroes of mine since graduating from an Illinois liberal arts college in 1969 They are 2 examples of what propelled me to a career as criminal defense attorney Thank you, gentlemen, for all you have done. And thank you, Eddie, for gracing us with their exceptional perspectives–not to mention the hero status you all have in my eyes. My 60’s cohorts and I were already radicalized by the time Fred Hampton was murdered. We witnessed–sometimes in real time–inspiring leaders with vision, integrity, benevolence, charisma, and promise, including JFK, MLK, RFK, get taken out. Seemed like the same set of unscrupulous government actors, whose unchecked grip on power was being threatened had teamed up with crime figures and others facing the same threat, to eliminate such leaders. That conclusion has been repeatedly bolstered with each similar political “elimination” since, including Fred Hampton. Keep fighting for justice.


They hide behind labels and saying government did this is like saying your gun was responsible for the shooting. “Individuals” who were involved need to be held accountable.


We should be teaching our kids about hero’s like these gentlemen.


Cointel pro never ended. It’s name was changed. Look into phoenix, fusion centers, and parallel construction.

Chris Hedges | Our BROKEN State

We Got A Call For Service, I Need To See Some ID


Cops thinking “this is a quiet neighborhood” gives them any authority shows just how delusional they really are.
It’s a public place. How dare he say he doesn’t belong there.
I would’ve said “so where do I belong then chief? At home? Close to home? How far from home chief?”

Since this was NOT a traffic stop, one should expect such a cop to patiently wait till the “suspect” car begins to move and then make it one. That entitles them to a wider range of harassment tactics.


A law enforcement officer has a commission that empowers them to one end and one end alone, and that is to enforce the law. If what you are doing is not against the law, then what you are doing is none of their business.
When the cop said he hadn’t committed a crime- he should have rolled the window back up. The cop went to his car and ran those plates.
Cop: “that’s not how this works” Narrator as the cop walks away: “but that was exactly how it worked”
This Exact scenario happened to me numerous times. While sitting in my car after work catching up on returning emails. Sitting on a quiet street down the road from my daughter’s day care. A Karen, was demanding answers from me, and multiple times called the cops on me because I had parked there the day before and wouldn’t TELL HER if I was stalking someone or a private investigator?…….Like WTF?…private investigator wearing a chef jacket with my name on it.🤣🤣🤣
stepping back and watching is better than many who are dragged out of the car ,cuffed and stuffed in a cop car just to I.D. over some call from a person trying to control public property.
He’s waiting behind you for you to move your car an inch so he can then pull you over on a traffic stop for some BS excuse and then ID you. The blue line of douchebaggery earning the hate everyday.
“ But I got a call”. “ That gives me the right to abuse your freedoms “
The police officer is trying to intimidate him by staying behind him the entire time after the interaction and he’s also waiting to see if he’s going to forget to turn a turn signal already driving talk or stop at stop sign or he’s trying to do a pretextual stop at this point cuz he knows he has nothing on it on you so he’s going to wait till he can find something


State Troopers Freaks Out Over Camera

Why would you do this?
Why would you do this?
This is a throwback audit that was definitely underrated. Since this was going up on Facebook I decided to upload for the new subscribers


These clowns are unfortunately exemplary specimens of the 2 worst traits in law enforcement… paranoia and low intelligence. As a bonus they are excellent in wasting funds for a frivolous pursuit of answers


Holy shit the amount of money in maintenance for flight time is crazy. They spent all that money just to film you filming. They got some really good footage too. Got better footage of the facility than you ever would have got. They are so dumb 😅


My blood boiled just watching this. The fact that Leo’s are taking a lawful activity and trying to turn it into an illegal activity is disgusting. Interesting how they confront someone who is a law abiding citizen but when it comes criminals who attack innocent people they refuse to take action.
He’d doesn’t have any ID and does not want to Identify himself. Cop Code for he’s a troublemaker. Time to escalate and intimidate.
When you know you exist to harm and not help the public, you [police] will be terrified when the public video records the public building from which you harm the public.
It’s a shame how their enthusiasm stops at the entrance to a school shooting.
You have to love the irony in the expenditure of resources for a non crime and the lack of action for a real crime and threat. Truly only cowards would exert such power against a citizen who is not committing a crime and hide when a person is killing children and teachers. The only reason they approached that man is because he didn’t pose a threat. Edit: The helicopter would run between 380 and 420 an hour just for fuel.
The footage from the helicopter was probably more valuable to someone trying to gather Intel on the building than any footage from his cameras.
After awhile the things they say just start sounding not only the same but just insane. this is madness.
If what the cops are doing to this guy is not harassment, I don’t know what is.
2016 seems like 1000 years ago in the scope of 1st amendment audits. The ridiculous over reaction to Phil walking down the side walk with a camera is beyond the pale. A chopper, troopers blocking off traffic, officers back away from him as if he is carrying a bazooka. Absolute insanity.
Too bad they are to scared to protect our children like they protect “their” building.
Imagine treating people so badly that you’re afraid they’re gonna come blow up your building.
Handled PERFECTLY, Phillip. As soon as you said, almost under your breath, “Am I detained” they said “No” and you immediately began walking away. Yet, he insisted that you weren’t being detained after physically blocking your exit.
“We need your ID so if this building gets blown up we can blame you for it. Come on man, why wont you give your ID?!”
I have to stop around 3:50, to point out that the police officer doesn’t even seem to know when 9/11 actually happened. He points out in the last (5) years, but 9/11 happened in 2001. If this was in 2016, then 9/11 was 15 years prior not 5 years. What was it that happened in The Last 5 Years prior to this video that’s got him so worked up? DHHS memo Maybe?
I remember this. These guys want to be knee deep in an “incident” so badly. “Why would you want to?”
Fascinating response to filming places they deem odd. Their paranoia is fueled when you don’t sheepishly comply with their questions. They know it is a consensual conversation but get more alarmed when you lack their same desire to talk to them.
The fact that LE reversed AGAINST TRAFFIC to follow a person with a camera, risking an accident is just astonishing.
“It may be a matter of interest to others. That’s why I’m recording.” They couldn’t understand that. But 1 hour after you post it, there are 11,000 views. There will be 250,000 views in a week or two, if not more.
When you asked him a question.. “what’s odd about taking pictures of a public building”, his answer was just, “because”. Imagine the response you would get if you answered their questions by saying, “because”!
“We want to ID you” because you’ll be the first one to be arrested if something happens.
Ha, they gave you even better footage of the building/grounds (via the COPter Cam) than you could capture on the ground…Silly Cops tricks are for Auditors!
Watching this vintage video and thinking how bad the DPS has been withholding information on the Ulvade shooting. I cant trust them AT ALL!

Cop Attempts to Ticket Motorist for Speeding without knowing Speed Limit



The cop didn’t know what the speed limit is BUT he knows he was going 10% over the limit. Amazing precision amidst ignorance.
7:45 – if I was a traffic judge, as soon as the officer said he didn’t know what the speed limit was at that point, I’d instantly dismiss the ticket and reprimand the officer. How do you know he was going 10% over, without radar, and without knowing the actual speed limit?!
Instead of just owning the mistake, he knowingly backs his officers lies with more lies, and they wonder why citizens don’t like them.
Cop admits when retelling his story, “I pulled you over BECAUSE of the phone.” Proof they hire the dumbest people they can find.
The worst part about a ticket like the one that could have been issued is that the officer wouldn’t show up to court so he wouldn’t have to be wrong. The police get paid overtime and get promotions based on tickets given, not convictions.
The cops are out of control in this country great job for the citizen for standing up for his rights we all need to do it
I love how cops lie and get caught still try to get your ID. this cop is dirty and should be fired.
This is a prime definition of “fishing”! If they get get us for their “interpretation of the laws”, we’re in really big trouble
Would it kill a supervisor to just come out and say “yeah, my officer was wrong. I’ll explain to him what he did wrong so it won’t happen again. Have a good day. You’re free to go”. No citizen would EVER mind hearing that.
Nope, almost never. They don’t want to deal with the civil liability (even though it’s our tax dollars that would be used in the settlement). So they will double down.
Ego won’t let them
I’ve very seldom heard a cop or other government employee admit being wrong or offer an apology.Their egos are to big.
The whole issue here is that once a cop says something no matter how stupid, he feels like he has to stick with it. No matter how stupid, no matter how you prove he was wrong. And the supervisor has to back him up no matter how petty and trivial the matter is.
Show the cop he’s wrong, he immediately moves the goalpost. Lying is all they know.
How that didn’t escalate into being ripped out of the drivers seat I’ll never know. Well done. You stood up for exactly what you felt was right.
He was white, that’s how
The camera is why, obviously. No cop will obey the law when nobody is looking. But some of the smarter ones will obey on camera.
The cop completely lost the argument when he admitted he didn’t actually know what the speed limit was. How do you know if someone is speeding if you don’t know the limit?
If the cops are ever harassing you, just run inside the nearest school. They will never enter a school to make an arrest.
Cops needs to be fired immediately. The sergeant even was making fun then tried to fabricate an id infraction.
What a waste of resources, I’d ask him to write me that ticket for 2.5mph over the limit, just to watch the judge call him an idiot. No judge is going to uphold 2.5 mph speeding charge based on visual estimation, and they should be pissed at any police officer who thinks that is worth the courts time.
This, even the pettiness and/or small impact, is a bridge event. Take nothing, give nothing. If the cop pushed at the 10%, and demanded identification, and went ahead and wrote the ticket… seems like a slam shut case of 18 242, especially with the 30 mph signage. Unfortunately, statistics on bad arrests/ unfounded ticketing/ ect. are not provided.
First said the guy was on the phone and officer said my mistake then the officer didn’t even know what the speed limit was. This officer absolutely is pulling people over for no reason. Then lie a officer that does this is corrupt period. Should be fired.
I’ll tell you exactly why that 2nd officer let him go. Because he knew that a man driving a Ford Raptor probably has the money to fight them and sue them.
It’s the camera. They can’t seize the footage, so they know they will be caught.
He should have mentioned to the “stupervisor” that’s the cop assumed he was going over 10% of the posted speed limit, but the officer couldn’t tell him what the speed limit was.
“We can stop you to check your license.” If that’s true we are all screwed.
he forgot to mention they can initiate a stop on a whim, then demand identity papers. It’s down to the character and fortitude of their target whether there is challenge to the validity of the stop…
Ironic how the officer stated that he was driving over the speed limit, yet doesn’t know the speed limit himself. He then states with 100% certainty that he was driving 27.5 mph, and then we find out the speed limit is 30 mph.
 @Michael Dose  Arkansas is a stop and ID state on one condition and that’s loitering!! They will use that everytime to get your ID!!! You can park your car in Walmart parking lot, immediately get out and walk to the doors and they will call that loitering just to ID you!!! That is no joke!!!
 @The Nope  They took Sandra Bland to jail. I think I will ‘comply or die’.
I don’t know of any which allows them to arbitrarily pull people over in Texas. However, Texas is the ONLY state I’m aware of that has a law which allows officers to take ANYONE to jail on ANY traffic infraction. It is of course officer discretion but I don’t know of ANY other state with that law. If I’m wrong I would like to know.

We Arrest Journalists For Free Press, But That’s Not A Violation Of Free Press


This is the most dangerous kind. Feigning ignorance in an attempt to pacify, then becoming argumentative when challenged. Anyone who believes this officer is anything but disingenuous is an absolute Blow Pop.
This is the most dangerous kind. Feigning ignorance in an attempt to pacify, then becoming argumentative when challenged. Anyone who believes this officer is anything but disingenuous is an absolute Blow Pop.
The Sheriff’s STILL REFUSE to return Cache valley’s PHONE, sickening!!
LOL! “I’m not going to debate with you.” Instant fail. THAT is the sound of a cop who just got caught being ignorant,arrogant, wrong, and violating the Constitution.
This guy lies like crazy. He knows about releasing records, they just act stupid so they don’t have to release videos until the attorney General makes them. Then they Redact so much of it that it shows nothing. Then you are forced to start all over with the Attorney General. It’s like a dog chasing his tail. You just hardly ever get what you want even if you draw them a detailed picture.

Egomaniac Chicago Cop ARRESTS Journalists During Power Trip

Chicago Police Officer Orson Ward went on a power trip and arrested several NBC journalists for no apparent reason. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!


Actually 50 cops on a scene is a disturbance. Heck 5 police for a traffic stop is a disturbance


Where the heck are all the outraged republicans who scream about their 2nd amendment right to own assault rifles for when the government does something tyrannical like take your rights away? Huh? I’ll tell you where…. They’re off blindly supporting the police somewhere screaming ‘Blue Lives Matter!’ at someone who’s upset that the police are taking rights away. 🤷‍♂️ You first amendment right can be terminated for whatever.” This cop says to a member of the only profession even mentioned in the constitution because the freedom of the Press is that important to freedom in general. But not a peep from the so called ‘freedom loving’ republicans. Bunch’a phony ‘Patriots’ is what they are.
How can city cops commit copious civil rights violations with all these pesky cameras around?
And that right there, is the reason why these rogue, dumb cops, don’t care about no damn lawsuits. Because they know, it’s not coming out of their pockets. So when we’re talking about police reform, this issue should be the very first issue, we should address.
They always want to charge you with “resisting arrest” and “obstruction of justice” or “failure to ID” but what did they do to get those charges to begin with because they weren’t charged with anything else but those things.
Never answer the kkkops questions always remain silent and never id unless they suspect you of a crime.