Coward Uvalde Cops Reveal Why They Didn’t Save School Children’s Lives


They didn’t engage, because they are literally taught that they aren’t legally required to protect anyone’s life over their own. They put the parents in handcuffs because they told them to save their children. This is the brave “thin blue line” that the republicans worship.
How is it that a teachers job is now more dangerous than a cops?!? Also teachers make a third of what cops do and I never heard of a cop needing to spend their own money on vests or vehicles, unlike teachers who need to buy all the supplies without tax write off capabilities. Broken, America is absolutely broken.
Why were they in no hurry to act? ALL of these children were Hispanic. The way the cops tazed, pepper sprayed, and handcuffed the Hispanic parents rather than do their job says everything. They waited for Border Patrol to show up just in case they could nab an illegal while they were at it.