Police Obstruct Recording (Surprise Ending)

Police officer tries to stop auditor from filming a traffic stop.

Although there are several armed policeman with cameras, the one unarmed auditor is a threat because he and his camera may expose police corruption.

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  • 20:16 the guys own words, says: “their whole tone changed when you arrived”. That is the protection of cameras!


  • 05:03 cop: “you’re just trying to find something wrong with this investigation.” Seems like a strange thing to say while trying to find something wrong with a citizen.


  • She’s intentionally chatting to distract and keep the focus off the real issue of cop intimidation ! The Auditor does a great job translating the truth and holding his frame despite “ Chatty Cathy w/ a gun “ !


  • “You’re taking my attention away from the stop,” says the lady cop who is giving the cameraman her undivided attention.


  • We need more people like this guy who cares about the rights of other people as if they were his own, which they are.


  • Everyone of these officers’ actions proved they knew they were being unlawful on camera and then tried to fabricate charges against lawful activity.


  • It is obvious to me that the officers are engaging you in conversation to distract you and block you from recording the encounter. Then they get butthurt when they realize you know the law. I think it would have been a very different result without the camera.


  • Police officer training time:
    • Japan: 2 years
    • Germany: 2 years
    • Sweden: 2.5 years
    • Italy: 4 years
    • USA: 21 weeks, on average.
      • As short as 16 weeks.
      • And we are surprised at how ignorant of the law most officers are in the US.


  • When they say “we group up for officer safety” the reply should be “we do too. that’s why I am recording, protecting my fellow citizen”
  • You should invest in a long selfie stick that can reach well above your head so that if they again try to obstruct or distract you from filming you don’t have to worry about them following you around trying to stop you from seeing what they are doing. Then they could stand in front of you as long as they want. We appreciate all that you do to keep those gang members accountable and transparent. Y’all are awesome!!
  • They’ve ran this drill before… she’s blocking audio and video while distracting the camera man. Auditors please leave your ego behind. If you were silent we may have been able to hear the other two officers intimidation tactics
  • Why are we hiring such children to tell us what we’re doing wrong
  • She keeps trying to block your camera, that’s a violation of your 1st amendment. She keeps lying. When they LIE call them LIARS.
  • You always bring the best videos! It’s almost like they’re trying to distract the cameraman from what’s actually happening! The only “causing problems” I see is her not wanting to be transparent! She’s garbage!
  • He should have pointed out as well, when he was counting the number of LE cameras on the scene recording,.. that his and the property’s camera were the only ones they couldn’t control..There have been far too many times when a FOIA is requested that the information is heavily redacted or mysteriously missing
  • it always amazes me how a cop carrying, a gun, mase, and tazer, is the one who claims is in fear of there life when a civilian has there hand in there pocket lol
  • Look out when you hear officers safety. How many innocent people have been killed for officers safety?
  • It really is infuriating how they react to transparency. Like a secret cult … We are not secret police, or are we..
  • They been doing what they want for a long time but now everyone has a camera so we see more of it
  • The way I see it, if it takes 3 cops for a routine traffic stop, I suggest you put 3 cops in one squad car, and save tax payers money on purchasing 2 cars, not to mention the fuel consumption, maintenance, fuel usage and insurance. It would also make it easier for the 3 cops to conjure up some fake reasons to pull someone over and get their stories straight before the stop is even started. Win win for everybody concerned.
  • So she is the distraction sent forward to take the focus away from what the other cops were doing?
  • They’re convinced they’re intelligent and operate on what “normal” is. What if a police officer thinks skateboarding isn’t “normal”, they’re gonna question them everyday? Every time they see them?
  • This is the civilian equivalent of a cop riding on someones bumper till they screw up. Not alot of fun huh cops?
  • “Is this something that we’re beginning to see across the nation where cops do what they want, even commit crimes behind the scenes?” No this NOT something that we’re BEGINNING to see! It’s something that cops have always done and always will do.
  • She’s calling a citizen a civilian that goes to show that they’re at war with us .
  • She did exactly what she wanted to do. She took the auditor’s attention away from what was being said to the guy. Should have told her to be quiet so he could hear what was being said. She ran interference and it worked.
  • Amazing how its always the most petty and self rightious ones that want to be cops, they say “oh they want to help people oh they want to make a difference” but usually display arrogance and indifference and a willingness to use force.
  • As always the “law enforcers” act unlawful and face no consequences.
  • It seems like leos act like criminals everytime there’s a camera. That’s a subconscious response. They know that they are to stupid to enforce the law without breaking the law. So they get aggravated anytime they think they might be forced to be accountable for their actions. Which is what cameras do.
  • There is no reasonable expectation of privacy when in public, especially at the gas station. Most, if not all stations these days have cameras already recording. No wonder people lost so much respect for those tyrants. Smh