Cops Defend Citizen From False 911 Caller

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Good Cop Stands Up For Man’s Rights

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You can tell she was annoyed with the call, understandably so. But she handled it professionally and resolved concerns of both parties. Model behavior of a peace officer and any public servant.
A police officer that knows the law is a dangerously endangered species. Well done Deputy Parker you are an example to the rest of the cops in this country.
Parker is the type of officer we need. I didn’t think saying “their on the internet looking like fools” was a wise choice of words.
It’s kinda sad how we’re so proud of an officer for doing their job correctly. Goes to show how corrupt the justice system really is. Good for deputy Parker
This is the first officer I’ve found on Audit the Audit that got an A+. Good job Officer Parker!
Just one day, I would like a cop to walk up and say … “Hello citizen, we have receive a report of a suspicious person in the area, have you seen anybody acting suspiciously in this area?”
If there ever was an example of a perfect audit on all sides, this is it. One may argue that the oil workers were in the wrong by calling the police, but in this case, they were naive to the laws, handled it in a respectful manner, and even laughed about their misunderstanding of the law. I commend the officer for clearly defining the law to the workers.
Parker felt no compulsion to boss around the auditor and didn’t seem to have any ego issues at all. She honored her oath and brought honor to police. Good on her!
I love cops who know the law. I was homeless for awhile and looked up “right to rest” laws so i could sleep in my car in a residential area if I was on the road. The cops got called on me, told me i could stay there and didn’t have to go, they wished me a good night. Bless them
One of the things I like most about the AtA channel is that you guys show when a cop has “done good” as well as showing when it goes the other way. Fair and balanced.
“Suspicion” with no RAS of a crime is nothing but assumption. Anyone can be suspicious of anyone else, but you cant have them detained, nevermind arrested just because you think they’re suspicious. Hats off to the officer for knowing rights and actual law. Need more like her
Need more police interactions like this! Good job officer Parker! Genuinely made my day
It’s good people like her, who should be training rookies and bad officers, on how to handle situations. I wish her a raise, and hope she gets to train rookies. Much respect to her ♥