CRIMINAL TRESPASS- THEY DONT NEED AN ID! Do not let them trick you@

Carolina, you asked: “What could they do differently if they are in that position [being trespassed from a public place].” Unfortunately, as discouraging as this is, a person has to be willing to possibly go to jail and take the incident to court. They know that people are ‘nearly always’ not prepared to do that or that they do not have the knowledge or resources to successfully legally challenge the officer’s violations in the courts, and because of that, they realize they can behave as tyrants and get away with it over 99.9% of the time – and even when challenged legally, they have some protection of qualified immunity. However, in some cases, and it is rare, their qualified immunity can be challenged and lost leaving them personally accountable for violating your civil/constitutional rights.
For those who have these essential five things:
  1. the will,
  2. opportunity,
  3. temperament,
  4. legal knowledge
  5. and resources

to go down this road, it is my opinion that you have a noble and important civil obligation to challenge this kind of tyrant behavior (by standing up for, and preserving, the constitutional rights on behalf of all our fellow citizens). So in these situations, you should not leave on your own power if you know you have a right to be where you are in public. Don’t resist, but do not collaborate with them removing you (for example, go limp, don’t ID, don’t answer questions, etc.). When you are carried outside (if it comes to that), when you have the opportunity, go back inside peacefully and without force or initiating contact, and repeat. You will either get to stay because you called their bluff, or more likely, they will remove you again or arrest you. It is very important to capture all of your activity, and their activity, as fully as you can, because this will be compelling evidence to convict you, or to exonerate you, and to have the evidence you need to file suit for the damages if you are exonerated. You should realize that there are no guarantees because just like there are tyrant law enforcement officials, there are also tyrant judges who willing to ignore the law because they also know that being overturned is rare. Police may, and are sometimes very skillful at, doing everything they can to

  • get under your skin,
  • manipulate you,
  • dominate you,
  • use pain compliance techniques,
  • talk over you, and the like,

in an effort to get you to act out or react angrily at them. This plays into their hand, looks bad and in their reported descriptions of your behavior/demeanor, or prejudices your interests in court, and it greatly increases the risk of you making a mistake they can legitimately arrest you or charge you for. While it takes a lot of discipline, refrain from the immediate gratification of calling them out verbally for the pieces of shit tyrants that they are, but to remain civil, professional and even respectful because this will help you tremendously if your video, or theirs, is introduced in court as evidence. And if you sue for damages, you are far more likely to increase your awarded damages by a jury or judge.

Carolina that cop said to you about something you said to 1 of his employees, the cop can’t be the victim, especially for freedom of speech. They can’t give you a verbal. Somebody has to ask you to leave and you have to have a chance to leave.
The cops won’t write a trespass because they know it’s not legal

Police attempt to intimidate, but victim thanks cameraman


The officer kept telling everyone that the auditor was immoral, yet the officer was the one who was immoral. Kudos to the woman for standing up to the officer and telling him he is the problem.
Great to see an informed citizen. Even in distress she was alert enough to see through his manipulation.
Absolutely nothing this cop said has any basis in reality or law. It should be terrifying to anyone who sees this to know this person wears a badge. He’s delusional.
What a baby! I can understand if peeps is getting all up in you grill, but to be just standing there. This Officer has real big issues that should be addressed.


Silence is undefeated, it can’t be beaten.


“That’s fine. It’s not me, it’s you.” LOL Love that the poor girl knows that he is recording for her safety as well. Cant trust these officers nowadays. :/ I wish that wasnt the case.


That cop was about to lay some serious BS on that lady to get her to talk.. and he didn’t want it recorded. To her credit she knew the camera was good for her and bad for the cop.


Yeah she’s certainly upset Officer, because of you, not the auditor.
It tells a lot when a police officer is so concerned that he’s being recorded.
“This man exploits people for a living”. Oh, the irony 🙄


Defense Counsel: “Exactly what did Jorge say that impeded your investigation?” Officer Linn: “He remained silent.” Defense Counsel:: How did Mr. Sabarrio physically impede or obstruct your investigation?” Officer Linn: “He was standing there on a public sidewalk filming.” Proof positive that single-digit intelligence qualifies you for the Sarasota Police Department.
This cop manipulates, intimidates, threatens, abuses his authority, and gets off on exerrting his power. Essentially a sociopath and should be in any authoritative position.
“I’m more comfortable standing right next to this guy recording because I trust a random stranger more than I trust the police”
Look at the officer face when the victim thanks the guy for recording…….
Every vile thing the officer said about the camera man was exactly what I saw in this officer’s actions. He was disrespectful and manipulative and traumatised the victim more than she needed to be. He had no decency or regard for humanity. What a vile creature. He protected no one and served his own narrative.
wow. just wow. this cop, escalated the situation for NO REASON. the fact that the cop told the witnesses, that the cameraman is there to obstruct, could’ve cause them to even attack him. And when the women thanked him, jeez, i would’ve loved to see the cops expression up close. Well done. keep it up.
Cop: “I’m giving you a “lawful order” that i know is not a lawful order. Total POS.
Pure Narcissistic, that’s exactly what that Tyrant Cop is, well done to this Auditor….!!
Anyone else catch how he was trying to dox the Youtuber. He kept stating his Full name..
The officer is inciting hatred towards a member of the public.
Police are becoming more despicable than ever. Instead minding his own business he completely disregards the victim and goes on a power trip. In the light of Uvalde incident I totally lost my respect and confidence for police. I realize police are NOT here to PROTECT the public or to uphold the law.
getting pretty bad for the cops when the victim(s) feels more comfortable with a cameraman around and not the police.
We can all only wish someone is recording, should we be interacting with law enforcement. Pretty sure a camera on scene has saved many lives and has kept countless innocent people out if jail.
The lady was already on the ground crying when the camera walked up and the public servant tried to say it was the cammer who was causing her to cry. This public servant is everything that is wrong with policing in America.
Yep! Unlike the cops’, his recordings are readily available.
Cop put me in handcuffs deleted the video on my phone said if i want to make it hard on him hes going to make it hard on me. Still fighting the charges to this day and i couldn’t be more innocent
 @FryTheFly  Dont’ just record, livestream. Then he can only stop it, not delete it. And he’s caught stopping it which, besides being a civil rights violation, also is tampering with evidence.
 @FryTheFly  I’ve heard that same line for refusing a vehicle search. Sad state of affairs when standing up for your rights is “making it hard on the police”. Good luck bud!
Ma’am do you want to move over here?” “No, I’m comfortable here…” ROFL the cop STILL can’t get it through his head that the videographer is welcomed even after the victim thanks him for doing so. AMAZING
Props to the lady for knowing what was up. I hope she got everything sorted out and all is good with her now. #StayStrongSister
He should really read carefully and with thought the legal definition of “interfering with an investigation” in the pertinent law.
When she said no, there exploiting you not me. That’s crazy considering her state of mind and can still come to the theory that officers can be exploited through Shere stupidity.doxing him like that aswell the officer deserved to get chinned for that.
“I’m comfortable right HERE” God, that ego has some bruises to heal after she just dismantled everything the cop tried to pull in one foul swoop…
he exploits people for a living”Officer you and your profession exploit WE THE PEOPLE to fill your coffers. I love when cops get 75 dollars an hour to stand on a road doing nothing while real men and woman workers fix the roads
“he exploits people with his camera” Who is he exploiting? I would welcome this camera man in any interaction i ve had with police. LIARS, needs to be on camera for public safety.
another clown cop barking orders and making up lies that needs retraining in the law……..and he threatens state attorney office review….lol
I had the greatest laugh when she says “thank you” to the auditor. Cop looked so defeated – lol.
That cop was so desperately in need for someone, ANYONE, to agree with him he just couldn’t stop spewing his garbage rhetoric from start to finish. Definitely the 1st to have his hand up tattling to teacher or mommy too. What an embarrassment he made of himself 🤬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
WoW! When she said Thank You the Camera Man. It was a smack on the controlling officers face. What is the officer trying to hide? He afraid of a camera? She was not, she was happy and felt safer to know that there was recording for transparency.
“charges have been filed with the state attorney’s office.” L O L
Hahahahahahaha what a joke! Cops are always on a power trip! Intimidating and ridiculous
Even the lady knows he recording the cops. She literally says it’s for you guys not me and then thanks him for recording..
“This man exploits people for a living”. That’s pretty funny coming from a cop.
You know when a Cop acts like this that he was planning to jack a citizen up. The guy filming keeps them honest and they dont like that. Well done Chan Chan. That Cop need to be dealt with for trying to turn people against the Camera man. What a Disgrace he is
again the officer projecting their own insecurities on someone else. “this man exploits people for a living” “you’re causing all this” ” you have no decency for human beings” all the officer projecting his own issues onto someone else to make himself feel better
Cherry on top was the officer asked to “stand by him for safety” and she basicly said “no I feel safer with the auditor.”
That cop is just like your friend’s mean dad who always needed to control everything and was always “right”. Scary AF.


Never open the door. Unless they have a warrant, you generally have no obligation to have any contact. They don’t care about your best interest.

That innocent smile the last cop has while she tries to set the guy up to allow her partners to ruin his life and maybe end it , that’s terrifying: she is trying to create a situation where she can claim she was attacked so she can shoot that guy!

I am a former cop. No way would I ever open the door for the cops. No way. I have nothing to say to them and they have nothing to say to me. I learned that at the police academy.

Before channels like yours I honestly thought police had the power they act like they have. And it’s frightening for me to deal with them. Because they hold the power to ruin innocent peoples lives.

It is time for Cops to be held accountable abolish immunity We the people do not have to pay for their mistakes and ignorance of the law by violating our rights that they swore to protect

That blank look on that cop’s face when she said, “that’s fine”. That’s fine, is one of their go to lines when they are ignoring the public.

Did you see that one where the cop just wanted to look in the kitchen for him for just 2 seconds. She said ok come in. The police did a full search of the house despite her yelling for them to get out!!!!! Never let them in!!!!!

Never never ever open the door to the cops. You have NO obligation to open the door or even talk to them through the door.

The assault laws in this country need to be such that the owner of a house can PHYSICALLY remove a cop with NO business being there ONCE the owner has declined to engage in a conversation. This is BS! I know of few places where a home owner can physically remove a civilian, yet with a cop, it’s a crime! BS!

If they don’t have a warrant, don’t open the door. If they get a foot in, you’re screwed. If you don’t open the door, say “Leave now” and ignore them.

Absolutely right. The more they knock, you know they are serious about something that they WANT YOU for. If they knock and leave, it was not about you or important. And tell them “I don’t answer questions”.

Cops will push verbally or physically to get their way. They don’t care if its right or wrong. And when they are wrong, YOU will have to hold them accountable if they are going to pay for their actions.

>> THEY LOSE NOTHING EVEN WHEN DEAD WRONG! Don’t open door, don’t be NICE and talk! Their no 1 objective is to put someone in a CAGE!

Please make sure you have locks on the doors. These guys are evil

Even worse, once you open the door the cops can lie and say they smell weed or claim to see something illegal.

That last clip is a perfect example of those type encounters. The guy knew exactly what she was doing and called her out on it. Everyone should listen to Q, never open your residence to a police officer.

Without warrant they are just like anyone else. Without a warrant they have no right to enter or remain upon your property when told to exit, unless they witness something that makes an exigent circumstance. Unless there’s a warrant or a well defined exigent circumstance, they are just another other human. If they remain in or on said property after being told to leave then they are armed trespassers and an immediate threat to the security and safety. It doesn’t matter what question(s) they wish to ask, who/what they seek, or what gibberish they speak. They have stepped beyond the powers and authority of their office and have now taken up the title and role of criminal.

I used to totally support the cops but after neighbors calling on me for no reason I’ve learned to not answer the door and that ends the situation.

I have seen so many of their foot in the door tricks lately, that I thought they were actually selling vacuums. That being said, I learned on another site that you lose very important legal protections, once you step outside your home.

To be fair, the woman in the first clip didn’t open her door; the cops opened it and entered.

I just don’t answer the door simple as that and if they show up when I’m leaving or coming I just continue to leave or come don’t answer questions even if you might have thought you broke the law not knowingly never answer questions only person you need to answer questions to is your personal lawyer no one else

Thank you for sharing these types of Police encounter. The part i really really love about the young man at the door is when he tell the officer ” this is ALL ON VIDEO and it will show iv asked you several times nicely to leave, as soon as he says that, watch her face change and imediatly leaves his front door. Thank you lord for VIDEO and AUDIO phone cameras!!!!!

First words out of your moth are, “leave my property”, when they don’t leave, the next words that are repeated over and over are, “you are trespassing, leave my property”.
As you are saying that you call 911 and report that you have an armed home invasion in progress and they refuse to leave. Use the law against them.

Notice: the lady officer did not stop breaking into that mans home until he informed her that she was being recorded

Any cop that puts their foot through the thresh hold of the door is breaking the castle doctrine and can be sued directly and can’t use c.i to protect themselves because they knowingly broke the law and violated not only your 4th amendment rights they violated the worst of them all the castle doctrine

>> You are describing a situation where “law” and “rights” exist. IF the 4th amendment was so great, RARELY (close to zero) would an officer put their foot over the threshold. Best to prevent this by keeping your door and your mouth shut.

>> @John James i agree but if only it was that simple!

This is why we need to reform the police, the lady blocking the door is actually breaking the law, you have every right to shut to door in their face if they don’t present a warrant, you have every right to not answer the door to cooperate or answer any questions, these officers have this illusion that everyone has to respect and obey them when you actually have the power the use your firearm against an unlawful arrest or entry into your home as you would against any civilian during a break in or robbery

Don’t open it. If they wanted you, they wouldn’t be knocking! Once you let them in, they can walk through your whole house because you gave them permission to enter! Ignore them, let them knock!!!

5 years ago, I had 2 brainless badged thugs show up to my house; demanding to talk to someone who I didn’t know; and even when I explained I had no idea who they were talking about ; they were demanding to speak to this person. I was getting ready for a fight because they wouldn’t quit insisting on the person being at my house. It could have gone very wrong, but they eventually left after radioing their supervisor; he told them to leave.

Giving everybody here a time reference. The last time the cops came to my house, I sat silently where they could not see me and they pounded on the doors and windows for 23 minutes. Your mileage may vary.

0:54 – “If I’m not doing anything wrong, I guess I’m doing everything right!”
LOL, I like that!

So much truth in the words and the actions seen in this video… Its so sad you can see the officers were desperately trying to create a unsafe situation and people do know now how officer jump or put their body in the way to say they were assaulted where whey felt the feared for their life which ended up in a shooting… The African American male nor female can’t trust police officers with the heightened attacks murders assaults from white supremacy, race soldiers, etc… How can people trust someone that is know for murdering them… I dont blame these people for standing up for their rights that are suppose to exist for them as well as we Caucasian people. Its only fair to treat all with respect and with dignity. 👍 Too much has went on and its hard to trust anyone even during the pandemic… Safety first…😉

1) call your neighbors and ask them to film,
2) don’t open the door, talk through the door, and
3) video everything. What would you do if any other criminal came to your door?

It is illegal for the police to put their foot in the door when you do not want them in your house. That is crossing the threshold so they break the law on video and never get it trouble for it . Why not?