Lawn Care Owner disputes Police Detention of his Employees for Turn Signal & Failure of Passenger to ID



Intimidation, retaliation, and harassment is what you are seeing.
At the end of the day… they violated these two guys rights, on camera, detained them illegally, and searched their vehicles. NOT A THING WILL BE DONE TO REPRIMAND ANY OF THEM! Messed up that that’s the way it works.
How on earth do the cops think that once they have a traffic stop they all of a sudden think they own the street , sidewalk and everything in the area. That cop panicked and called all his boys. Thick blue line.
They never had this trouble until the cameras appeared on the scene. We demand accountablity and we will get it .
Really really sad when the SERGEANT lies about the law, worse if he is ignorant of the law.
Wow! I live in Australia and even I know that in the US you can’t demand ID from the passenger.
I spent 6 years in Germany in the United States Army. My neighbor was a German Police Officer. It takes 2 years and 6 months to become a German Police officer. They are well traine and know the law. These clowns spend 6 months and don’t have a clue.
I think after Uvalde, TX, people are waking up to this stupid “officer safety” crap. I can’t imagine being a man and being that scared. 30 years in the military with multiple combat tours and I was so confident in my training that fear never entered my mind.


I love when the cops are like “I have a camera on too”, yeah well your camera footage always seems to disappear when you do something you’re not supposed too. “Does that camera make you tough”, well no it doesn’t make me tough; it just holds you accountable when you violate rights.
It would be super interesting to find out how much physical damage has been done to property and how many people have been hurt/killed by cops unnecessarily responding Code 3. I’m sure those figures are unacceptable.
Stop telling Cops about their personal phones and doing a FOIA on them. Just do the FOIA without warning so they leave all pictures on their phones.
Surely that badged didler should know that “Step it up” is an absolute signal of escalation. It should be the equivalence to a false 911 call.
Of course they don’t want to argue when they know they are wrong. Thanks for not shaking that liar’s hand. He wasn’t your friend before during or after the stop.
14:37 is one of my new favorite moments in stupidity. Superior officer gets basic law wrong, claims passengers must ID, whips out phone, despite bodycams, in an attempt to mock the guy for also recording the interaction they caused. THEN, guys asks the other cop if he’s ignorant of that law as well, to which he cups his ear motioning that he should step closer to be heard easier, but becomes frightened when the blue collar worker takes a single step closer to oblige him so he can better hear the discourse. I have no clue what “a monkey effing a football” means, but it’s apt.
When I was younger, I used to think—Yeah , get those drug people! Now I realize it’s ONLY a revenue maker for the system, and nothing more. Citizens get treated like this, for no other purpose.
These cops are used to violate peoples rights, when they see the cameras, they don’t know what to do or how to behave. What a shame.
“We can ID an one we want.” Yes, you can also shoot anyone you want in the head, but neither crime is lawful.
SJVT: you rightly slam the cops and prosecutors, but what about the bad judges? Some are obviously in collision with this illegal enterprise. Yes, it’s a money-making business, not to mention violates rights egregiously. Please include the whole trifecta. Thanks for what you do!
No, officer in white shirt, passenger has no obligation, can’t pat him down, can’t require I.D. No I.D. IS a secondary offense that does not have to be provided unless an arrest has been made. You are absolutely correct my friend.
This video is another example of why we need to stop complaining so much about the cops….and start worrying about the REAL problem…..Cops act like this because THEY CAN….the whole system is slanted in their favor. You can see it in their reactions in this video….they laugh and smirk….the only way change is enacted is when the cops are held accountable.
The main issue I see is that cops don’t know you, instead of going to the academy maybe they should be made to visit every residence in their proposed jurisdiction and introduce themselves to each resident before starting the job? That way they’ll feel safe enough to actually do their job.
Looks like the same kind of LEO that was at Uvalde, scared of his own shadow and concerned only about himself.
What a COWARD. He could’ve gone around to the driver’s side and that would’ve solved everything. I cannot believe he called code
They always “smell” weed, yet almost never find it,
Easiest thing to say to an officer claiming “he can smell marijuana” is PROVE IT! No accusation can be enforced without evidence
The craziest part is that the officer accused him of yelling when in reality from the distance they were from each other it required speaking loudly.
Never let the cops settle out of court. Take it to trial, and make case law. When you settle, that allows them to continue their corrupt behavior
Four cops with radios, backup, cars, bulletproof vests, handguns, mace, tasers, batons, killer dogs, QUALIFIED IMMUNITY, rifles and they are TERRIFIED OF A GUY, ALONE, ON FOOT … with a CAMERA !!! WHY ? ACCOUNTABILITY
1:19 I do not see this police car using its signal while speeding thru an intersection while not being lit up. It always amazes me how these clowns are not afraid to turn their backs on anyone that “might pose a threat” to turn on others that are not a threat, while at the same time going for the kill by escalating.
Proof it’s from the top down. Since he won’t listen and agree with the manager, the manager refuses to talk about it. Very professional. In my experience you’re asking the right questions if they refuse to answer them.
Probably at least half of the force needs to be taken down you know fired because they think they can do whatever they want we’re sick of it. They can’t even write a traffic ticket without crying for backup kind of men did you hire ?? There’s a real problem with the police force a lot of people are talking about defunding.